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Thapki Pyaar Ki 5th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone playing the game. Suman gets the pillow when Dadi stops music. Suman says I have to do SRK’s acting. Vasundara asks her not to make their lose team. Suman tries and Preeti corrects her. The groom’s side wins the game. Suman gets sad. Vasundara says don’t get sad, groom will wear sehra and come to bride’s side. Suman goes to get sehra and Dhruv stops her. He says Poonam made the sehra, its better if she gets it. Thapki and Bihaan smile seeing each other. Poonam goes. Dhruv acts to be on call and goes. Shraddha looks on. Dhruv lights the fire by the diya and Poonam’s hand burns by the fire reaching sehra. They all rush to Poonam hearing her scream and get shocked seeing the sehra burning.

They take Poonam to room and blow off the fire. Doctor checks Poonam’s hand and asks her not to do any work, and take care of her hand for few days. Dhruv says its my mistake, I told Poonam to get sehra, really sorry. Poonam says its not your mistake, diya was lighting there so…. Dhruv asks her to take rest. Poonam says no, Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage has to happen. Thapki says we will stop marriage, we can keep it once you get fine. Bihaan agrees. Dhruv says invitation cards got distributed and I think marriage should not get postponed. Vasundara, Thapki and Bau ji decide to keep marriage once Poonam gets fine, and till then they will postpone it. Dhruv smiles. Shraddha thinks Dhruv is ahead of me, he did this to stop marriage.

Thapki takes kada for Poonam. She sees a lighter there and says its petrol leaked, how is this here. She sees the black line on the ground which is connecting diya and the sehra. She says this is petrol smell, it means someone has tried to burn Bihaan’s sehra intentionally, who can do this. Dhruv looks on. He holds her and asks did you not sleep, what are you doing with this lighter. She says the incident was planned by someone. He asks what, its just an accident, aunty said diya burnt the sehra. She asks him to think how did this lighter come, when no one smokes in our house. He says many guests are coming, maybe someone left it, don’t think and increase worries. She says maybe you are saying right. He goes to his room.

Shraddha stammers and tells Dhruv that she has set the bed, now he can rest. He asks whats this new drama. She says this is not acting, you like stammering people that’s why, I m ready to become Thapki, I love you a lot. He says you can talk like Thapki, but not become like her.

Vasundara goes to Thapki and gets shocked seeing Thapki in her bridal dress, but in wounded and molested state. She gets shocked and asks what happened to you. Thapki cries. Vasundara wakes up by this bad dream and rushes to Thapki. She hugs Thapki. Thapki asks what happened. Vasundara says I have seen a very bad dream, I pray that Lord protects you and all of us. Thapki asks her to relax and not worry. She says I m fine, I m going to give medicines and water to Poonam. Vasundara worries and asks her to go infront of her eyes. Vasundara thinks whats this bad sign, first that bad dream and now this, don’t know what will happen.

Bihaan hears some men talking about fooling Pandeys. The men enter the house. Bihaan gets angry. Bihaan catches the men and scold them angrily. Thapki asks him to talk well and not be so angry always. Bihaan says I will be angry, I can’t bear anything wrong. She goes. Dhruv looks on and smiles.

Later, Dhruv in Bihaan’s get up goes to the men. He sees them drinking and switches off the lights. He beats those men to put blame on Bihaan. He says now see Bihaan, what happened with you. He smiles.

Dhruv makes Thapki ready as the bride, and says beautiful, you have to do this Shringhaar of my name soon.

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