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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Thapki and Dhruv possessing an eyelock. She thanks him and suggests she’ll leave. He claims he can’t let anything materialize to her, as she’s his…. She asks what. He claims I mean you might be my colleague. She leaves. Mere bina mai………..performs…………… She comes back and suggests she must strike head all over again. He laughs and so they strike heads. She leaves. Vasundara prays to Lord and says she has picked out a woman for Dhruv, he will get an excellent spouse, she has witnessed really like in Dhruv’s lifetime for Thapki, she will head to Thapki’s mother and father to ask for her hand for Dhruv.

Bau ji comes and says Bihaan termed and he arrived at on station with mum. She smiles and claims she will prepare to welcome them well. Bihaan is demonstrated. Bihaan brings his Dadi to the temple. She states she’ll choose Prasad for everybody as they’re going soon after quite a few days. A guy sees Aditi and flirts together with her. Aditi slaps him and asks how dare he held her hand. Bihaan asks Dadi to attend and holds Aditi’s hand as well as that person. She asks who’s he now. He says he is Bihaan Pandey.

She asks him to depart her hand. He suggests hands are to shake, not depart. The person asks how did he occur in between. Bihaan suggests he is created by appreciate. Aditi asks is he mad. Bihaan claims he will make the lovers marry. He will take both of those of them. She asks is he mad, exactly what is he carrying out. She receives Thapki’s contact and suggests a mad person is building her marry, and tells the temple tackle. Thapki is stunned and goes there.

Bihaan asks pandit to have them married, as they appreciate one another. Aditi says whats this drama, I don’t know this guy. Bihaan asks why is she angry that she will not detect his lover, he has created ninety nine partners marry such as this, they will be a hundredth few. Thapki calls her and gets nervous. Dadi claims Bihaan is performing appropriate, get married after which you can do love. Aditi asks who is he. Bihaan states she’s my Dadi. Aditi suggests my sister is coming, you will know the reality. Thapki asks driver to get her to temple quickly.

Aditi suggests she won’t know the male. Bihaan says don’t say this. Dadi scolds them and claims Bihaan don’t go away them, get them married. Aditi asks the male to inform him. The male asks her to marry. Bihaan asks the guy to obtain some persistence. He states he will do ghatbandhan. The pandit starts chanting the mantras. Aditi panics and asks him to leave her hand. Bihaan retains them and sits smiling joining their palms. Thapki is on just how.

Suman and Rachna see Vasundara building the arrangements. They struggle to aid and Vasundara laughs observing Rachna’s encounter blackened by smoke. She leaves. Bau ji claims he is missing Bihaan a good deal and needs to hug him. Suman says I don’t know whats Distinctive in Bihaan. Rachna says preserve peaceful, if Vasundara hears them, she will not go away them. Bihaan is conducting Aditi’s relationship. Thapki asks driver to drive quickly. Aditi shouts inquiring Bihaan to prevent and the guy admits that he was just teasing her. Aditi scolds Bihaan for accomplishing this oversight. Bihaan beats the person for breaking his history. Aditi receives offended and leaves. Dadi claims if she is such as this, how will likely be her elder sister. Bihaan suggests if fate desires, He’ll meet her way too.

Thapki comes and asks Aditi is she great. Aditi says he was mad. Thapki says she’ll scold him. Aditi suggests she insulted him, no want to talk to him now. She usually takes Thapki and leaves. Bihaan normally takes Dadi and leaves by their side.

Vasundara tells Dhruv that she has decided on Thapki for him and asks will he marry her. Dhruv refuses. She asks why, does she have any weakness. 

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