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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki smiling seeing the star. She says its beautiful star Bihaan. He says its like you, getting stuck and shining. She says so you are making fun of my stammering. He says no, I mean its shining so well, Thapki star. He asks why is she seeing him like this. She says I m thinking if you did not save me, I would have become a star, thanks Bihaan for saving me and getting a star for me. He says this star will be on your name, but I won’t reach every time to save your life, so take care of yourself, it will be needed when you go from here.

He says we will welcome the new year, and wishes her happy new year. They shake hands and she wishes him too. The crackers light up the sky. They smile.

Its morning, Dhruv gets ready and Shraddha brings the lunch box. She gets hiccups and he gives her biscuits. He says eat this, it will stop hiccups. She says hiccups stop by water, not food. She drinks water. He asks her to take care and leaves. She smiles and says atleast you care for me and noticed by hiccups. You offered something to stop my hiccups, maybe you are coming close to me, you made me day Dhruv. She dances.

Bihaan gives the money to Bau ji and gives accounts. Dadi asks Preeti to massage her legs. A man comes and greets Bihaan. He gives the money and says it remaining money from yesterday’s work. Bihaan asks him to go, he will take later. Bau ji asks whats this. The man says Bihaan made lighting arrangements outside at night. Bihaan sends him. Dadi asks Bihaan what arrangements. Bihaan says it was happy new years, I did arrangements for Gulabo and Ram pyaari. Shraddha comes and looks on. Bau ji says you should have given green grass to Gulabo. Dadi calls him stupid. Shraddha thinks its cartoon house, Dhruv’s care made my mood happy.

Thapki starts getting hiccups. Bau ji asks her to eat something, her hiccups will stop. Shraddha looks on, as Thapki eats biscuits and her hiccups stop. Thapki says you know, when I eat something, my hiccups stop. Preeti says yes, everyone know Dhruv used to make you eat something when you got hiccups. Sharddha gets shocked. Bau ji tells Bihaan that he is going out. Thapki laughs seeing Bihaan, for his silly lies. He looks at her and asks why are you laughing. Thapki asks him to make better reason, did he make decorations for cow and goat. He says it was sudden answer, why did you not say anything. She says yes, Dadi said right, you are Buddhu. He says yes, I m that since childhood and smiles.

Shraddha gets angry and goes to her room. She says Dhruv gave me biscuits as he thought about Thapki. She asks what does Thapki have, which I don’t have. She says why is that stammering girl in Dhruv’s memories and sees Thapki in the mirror. She says the answer is Thapki’s innocent face, she is in Dhruv’s heart, I will ruin her face.

Shraddha burns Thapki’s face by incense stick, and thinks to have some trick to spoil Thapki’s face without getting the blame. She sees Dadi and Preeti, saying about the Dharm breaking by bird’s egg falling. Dadi says we are purely veg, get the house cleaned by Gangajal. Shraddha says see Thapki, what I do with your face. Vasundara asks Dadi not to worry, house will be cleaned.

She asks Suman to go and cook. Shraddha comes and suggests some dish. Vasundara agrees. Dadi says Thapki makes the best dish, and asks her to cook it. Thapki agrees. Shraddha smiles thinking her plan.

Thapki cooks food. Suman and Preeti offer help. Thapki says no, I will manage. Shraddha gets chicken dish delivered at home. The man asks her why is she receiving food behind the house. She asks him to mind his own business and he goes. She says this chicken is for Thapki. She goes to add it in the veg dish. Suman and Preeti come to talk to Thapki, and ask Shraddha whats this doing here. She hides the chicken packet in dustbin and makes excuse.

Suman and Preeti clean the plates. Suman sees the packet and asks did anyone order food from hotel. Preeti says don’t know, check. Shraddha stops her, and says its my packet, I ordered Italian food from hotel, I had it. Suman and Preeti leave. Shraddha takes the chicken dish and adds it in the veg dish made by Thapki. She smiles and says everyone will eat this by chicken food, then it will be fun, Thapki will get her Shuddhikaran done, by my style.

Shraddha shows chicken to everyone. They all get shocked. Shraddha asks Thapki how did she mix chicken in veg food.

Written Update By Amena


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