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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vasundara stopping Thapki saying don’t go to Bihaan, he did not spare his dad. Thapki says no, and goes to Bihaan. He aims gun at her. Dhruv says Bihaan, move the gun away, she will get hurt. Bihaan says no, I won’t go anywhere, I will be here. Operation ends and doctor comes out. Dhruv runs to doctor and asks about Bau ji. Doctor says we saved him, but he slipped in coma. They all get shocked. Bihaan drops the gun in shock. He runs to see Bau ji and cries. Dhruv asks him is he happy hearing this now. He asks inspector to arrest Bihaan. Bihaan is arrested and is taken away. Thapki cries seeing him. She hugs Krishnakant.

Vasundara and everyone meet Bau ji. Vasundara asks Bau ji to say something and cries. Doctor comes and says we can’t say when he will get conscious, we have to keep him here under observation, get these medicines. Dhruv talks to Bau ji and says our ways were always different, don’t know why we did not talk to each other well till now. He regrets and tells Vasundara to ask Bau ji to get up, I have to hug Bau ji. Vasundara hugs Dhruv and they cry.

Dhruv says once Bau ji gets up, I will hug him, I could not tell Bau ji that I love him a lot. Vasundara consoles him. She asks him to promise he will not spare Bihaan. Dhruv promises that he will not leave Bihaan. Shraddha goes to get medicines. She goes out and smiles, saying Bihaan did not do right with Bau ji, but did right for me, everyone will be focused on Bau ji, they won’t focus on my fake pregnancy, I can do everything I want, I can postpone fake abortion and putting blame on Thapki plan, but thanks Bihaan for doing all this.

Bihaan is in lockup and cries recalling Bau ji. FB shows Bau ji teaching me shooting. He asks him to learn to lessen his anger. Bihaan fails to shoot at aim. Bau ji encourages him and asks him to shoot from heart. Bihaan fails and says sorry Bau ji, I don’t think I can learn shooting. Bau ji says you should just see the bottle, like Arjun just saw the fish’s eye. He puts bottle over his head. Bihaan asks what is he saying. Bau ji asks him to aim, I trust you, shoot, I know you can never hurt me. Bihaan aims and shoots at the bottle. Bau ji laughs. Bihaan runs and hugs him. Bau ji says see, I told you I know you can never let me get harm. FB ends. Bihaan says forgive me Bau ji, I have harmed you. Bihaan recalls the happy moments of the family and gets sad.

Thapki comes to meet him. Bihaan cries. Thapki asks him what happened there, how did Bau ji get hurt and reads out what all Bihaan wrote about Bau ji. She says you wrote all this in your sketchbook, how can you do this, tell me what happened. Bihaan gets angry and blames her for all this. He throws the sketchbook and says you proved all this wrong, you ruined everything. He gets angry. Thapki looks at him.

Thapki says you always use right hand, but whoever attacked Bau ji is leftie, I m sure Bihaan is innocent, I will prove this. She stands against the family for Bihaan.

Written Update by Amena

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