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Thapki Pyaar Ki 3rd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhruv refusing to stop marriage. She says she has seen Shraddha, she is not good. He asks how can I believe you. She says you know I never lie. He says yes, but this time I think you are lying, you have another reason in heart, tell me what I want to hear, then I will stop this marriage, if you have to prove Shraddha wrong, the get proof against Shraddha. If you can’t get proof, I will stay with Shraddha in this house, no one can stop this marriage then. Thapki cries.

Diwakar wakes up and wonders what happened. Aditi comes and smiles. He asks why is she shy. She says we had suhaagraat yesterday. He says yes, but what happened. She says what happens between husband and wife. He asks what, I don’t remember. She fools him. He says he will celebrate suhaaraat 2 tonight and she gets worried.

Thapki thinks she has to get proof and stop this marriage, mahurat is after one hour. Vasundara is making best arrangements. Suman and Preeti laugh seeing her as Dhruv’s marriage arrangements are happening for second time. Bau ji tells Vasundara that Sinha is good man, he has accepted your request to keep marriage here. She says yes, I m enjoying every bit. Thapki slips and holds the railing. The flowers fall. Vasundara sees this and scolds her.

A videographer asks Thapki to give her message for recording. She says I have work and goes. Thapki comes to Shraddha. She locks the door. Shraddha asks why did you come here. Thapki asks Shraddha why are you playing with family’s feelings, I know you don’t love Dhruv and family, why are you cheating them. Shraddha asks what are you saying.

Thapki asks her not to do acting, as there is no one here. Shraddha says there is someone, this spy camera. Shraddhra takes the camera and scolds her. She breaks the camera. Shraddha gets angry and says I don’t love Dhruv, I love his name, his status, you can’t do anything, and tells against Vasundara and family. She speaks all out the truth and says she is fed up of this family, she acts to be simple and good valued woman. She says she will get everything by Dhruv’s celebrity status, I want to become famous. Thapki asks Shraddha does she think she will win. Shraddha laughs and says I have won, I will marry Dhruv in some time, now no one can stop me from coming in this house.

She asks Thapki is she feeling jealous and makes fun of her stammering. This will be your biggest failure. Shraddha laughs and leaves. Vasundara comes to Dhruv and smiles seeing him. She says she has dreamt of his marriage. She asks him to come downstairs and leaves. Dhruv wishes Thapki stops him. He says if Thapki does not stop him, then he does not care for anything.

Shraddha asks videographer to take her video and pics, she is the bride. He says but Bihaan took the camera. Bihaan says amazing, now it will be fun. Thapki says it happened by our plan. He says he was hidden behind curtain and recorded everything. She says we will show this to Dhruv. He says yes, Dhruv will not marry Shraddha after seeing this. The memory chop falls and videographer takes it. He takes the camera back. Bau ji asks Thapki and Bihaan to come, its imp work. They get worried.

Suman tells about the memory tape. Shraddha takes it and mixes it in all tapes. Thapki gets confused.

Written Update By Amena


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