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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st October 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

Dhruv thinking to see whether Thapki loves him, she should stop him from marrying Shraddha. Thapki comes to him and asks him not to do mistake to hurt Shraddha. Dhruv thinks she should tell him she loves him and stop this marriage. Thapki asks him to marry Shraddha, but with heart. He gets angry and says I don’t have complete heart now, don’t worry, I m doing this by my wish. He goes. Thapki says why does he not look happy then.. Vasundara looks on and says I will tell you the reason.

She gets Thapki in Dhruv’s room and asks her to see the room, bedsheet and clothes, can she see any color, Dhruv has made all colors away from his wife. She shows the colored clothes and says he is broken, I chose Shraddha to make memories with someone else, so that he forgets you. Thapki says even I want Dhruv to move on in life with Shraddha. Vasundara asks how will he move on when he looks behind always, he said yes for marriage on my saying, not by heart, as you are in his heart. She says I lied to him and said you are giving a chance to your relation with Bihaan. Thapki gets shocked.

Thapki asks why did she lie. Vasundara says how will Dhruv move on till you move on, I love Dhruv the most, I have seen him being in darkness and restless, just you can give him a new life. Thapki says I will do anything, don’t fold hands. Vasundara says you have to assure Dhruv that you really want to move on in life with Bihaan, you have to pretend that you want to give a chance to your marriage with Bihaan, will you do this. Thapki says Poonam told me that I take all problems of this house on me, I will fulfill your wish, Dhruv is gone from my life, and now I will bring Shraddha in his life. Vasundara smiles and hugs her.

Thapki goes downstairs to get water. Thapki pyaar ki……..plays………. She walks being lost in thoughts and slips. Bihaan holds her. He asks where is her focus. She recalls Vasundara’s words. She goes. He says strange, Dhruv said yes for marriage instantly and then Thapki who is lost. Its morning, Aditi gets newspaper and sees her and Diwakar’s pic not so clear. Krishnakant asks for paper. Aditi cries. He takes the paper. Poonam says you always read paper.

He reads the news and says today’s generation does not think of anything. Poonam says yes, they don’t think of their parents. Aditi hears them and cries. Krishnakant says we are blessed that our children did not show us this day, else I would have died by shame. Poonam says our children can’t even think of such. Krishnakant says I m proud of our children.

Vasundara talks to pandit and receives mahurat. She many thanks him. She tells Dhruv about engagement mahurat soon after 10 days. He gets stunned. She asks him to consider depart and have her on buying. He says I have function, obtain anything you prefer, I will have on. Bihaan and Thapki arrive there. Vasundara tells the mahurat and asks Thapki to accomplish all preparations for engagement that can help her. Thapki agrees. Dhruv claims I m happy being aware of this that you might want to do preparations of my engagement, I will likely be much more delighted after you do arrangements coupled with Bihaan.

He states Bihaan is my brother, he did lots for my happiness, so he can do that also. Now you both of those are partner and spouse, so support me alongside one another. Thapki states I don’t have any problems, I will do arrangements with Bihaan. Dhruv gets stunned. Dhruv suggests very good, thanks Thapki, do arrangements effectively with Bihaan. Dhruv leaves. Vasundara many thanks Thapki. Thapki states I’ll explain to Bihaan about pretending to point out Dhruv. Vasundara suggests no, don’t inform him, else he will inform Dhruv , it should be just concerning us. Thapki seems on.

Dhruv gives a ring to Thapki and Bihaan, and tells Thapki for making Bihaan don this ring, only then he can get engaged to Shraddha.

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