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Thapki Pyaar Ki 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Thapki saying just Bihaan can answer me about this sketch, I can’t show him this sketch, how will I know the truth. Bihaan sees Thapki’s pic and says I realized truth, that I m in love with you, how to tell you, Bau ji said confessing love is necessary. He comes to room and she hides the sketch. She says I have to talk something imp. He looks at her and smiles. Music smiles. He does not hear a word and gets lost in her eyes. Bas tum tak……plays……

She asks are you listening. He smiles. She moves him. He asks what, did you say anything. She says I m saying since long time what happened to you, I saw interesting game on tv, shall we play that. He asks football or anything. She says no, game to know whats in someone’s heart. He says it means you will understand whats in my heart, fine lets play. She says whatever word I say, the thing that comes first in your mind, you will say it. He asks what kiddish, I thought love game, I mean we will play any game of grown ups. She says please. He says fine.

She asks him to respond quick, and tells few things. She says Prem/love. He says Chuk Chuk Gaadi/Thapki. She asks Morpankh… He says Lord. He gets call and goes. She says Lord…. She sees the peacock feather/Morpankh between Dhruv and Bihaan and recalls Bihaan’s words. She says Morpankh means Maa, whom Bihaan regards his mom, it means that third person is Maa. She gets shocked.

She cries and says it was Maa, who broke my marriage, but why did she do this. She recalls Vasundara’s words and says it means Maa, why did she do this for my small weakness. Shraddha is in room and says why is Thapki doing this acting, I will ruin her plan, I will tell this to Vasundara first, but no, she is changing colors, not a good idea, whom to say, who will trust me. She sees Bihaan going and smiles. She says I will tell him, he is flying in sky, Thapki did not give you chance Bihaan, she cheated you. She smiles.

Dadi asks Thapki to come and sit with her. She asks Thapki to read Bhagwat Gita, it has answers of all world’s problems. Thapki says if its truth, that loved ones will be hurt knowing it, should we say it. Dadi says yes, truth is biggest in the world, even if its bitter, it should come out. Thapki asks her to read, and goes. Thapki says I can’t do mistake to hide this truth, I have to tell Maa’s truth to everyone.

Aditi gets a courier and says so this is planned by Diwakar. She calls Poonam and shows the truth of Diwakar, saying they are acting to be good. Diwakar says I have surprise gift for Aditi and Poonam. Aditi says no more lies, I heard everything, they want to start new problem between us. Diwakar says why will we wish this. Aditi says you greedy and bad people can never change, I will show your truth. She checks the box and sees saree and dress. Diwakar says we are really trying to become good, but world does not want this, I saved money for two months to get costly dress for Aditi, you beat me Aditi. He cries and gains Poonam’s sympathy. Poonam says Aditi had misunderstanding, and apologizes to them. Aditi goes. Poonam goes to stop her. Diwakar tells his mum that he made Aditi hear their plan to fool them, see Poonam got fooled, now you know what to do with Poonam. They laugh.

Bihaan calls someone and says it should be best arrangements, I m going to propose my wife, I have to tell my Thapki that I love her a lot. Shraddha hears him and hides. She says he has become romeo too, whats in Thapki that first Dhruv was mad and now Bihaan. Bihaan says Thapki should remember this night. Shraddha says you will remember this night Bihaan, I won’t get good chance to break your heart, it will be real fun now. She goes.

Bihaan sees Thapki coming downstairs and hides. He says I will do anything wrong if I come infront of her, I will meet her at night when I have to confess love to her, I will leave now. He goes. Vasundara says its good I had similar bangles and my truth did not come out, but why did Thapki wants to know truth, she said she wants to give marriage a chance, she is adamant and will not be quiet, she will do something, I will see what is she doing now. She goes to Thapki’s room and does not find her. She sees the sketch on the bed and gets shocked, seeing Thapki marked Dhruv, Bihaan, train as Thapki and peacock feather as Maa. She says who made this, Thapki has written this, it means she got to know the truth. She worries.

Thapki goes to everyone and says Bau ji and Dadi, I want to say something important. Bau ji asks her to say. Vasundara comes there. Thapki says I want to say a truth about Maa, which she did not tell anyone till now, which is related to my marriage. Vasundara gets tensed. Thapki says I would be happy if Maa told that truth, but I think Maa can’t say that, so I will tell the truth. Bau ji asks her to say. Thapki says in my marriage, Maa has…… everyone look at Vasundara.

Vasundara reads Bau ji’s letter that she cheated the children, so he decided he is going away from her. Vasundara scolds Thapki for snatching everything from her. Thapki says even you have snatched everything from me.

Written Update by Amena


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