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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts a man coming and opening the cold storage. The men rescue Thapki and Bihaan, and bring them out. Thapki gets conscious and then Bihaan gets conscious. She hugs him. the man asks how did you come here, its good guard has seen you in CCTV and came here. Thapki gets Dadi’s call and says we reached wrong address by mistake, we will come home. Thapki removes the jacket and gives it back to Bihaan. Music plays…………

She asks him what was he going to say inside, about his feelings. He says let feelings be as it is, come, lets go home, its late. He goes. She says whatever you wanted to say me, the way you gave me your jacket and stayed with me, it has one meaning that you don’t hate me to that extent which can’t end, I will end that hatred very soon, I will apologize to you, I wanted to say this inside cold storage, forgive me once. He asks her to come. She smiles.

Preeti laughs hearing everything from Thapki. Vasundara scolds her for giving wrong address. Preeti says I was laughing as Bihaan fainted before Thapki, did Dadi hear this, hero fainted before heroine. Bihaan comes there. Bau ji says Thapki told us everything, come here. Bihaan says I have some work. Dadi asks Thapki is Bihaan still annoyed with you. Vasundara asks what happened. Bau ji says he maybe adamant on something, I will explain him again. Vasundara asks Thapki since when is Bihaan annoyed. Dadi says its since many days. Vasundara says no, Bihaan can’t be annoyed this way, whats the matter. Preeti says its personal matter of husband and wife, how will Thapki tell you. Dadi says Preeti said such sensible thing. Preeti says I m thinking to make them friends again. Dadi says Bihaan is too stubborn.

Bau ji says Bihaan, you did not end annoyance towards Thapki. Vasundara says we have to do something big, and tells about her annoyance with Bau ji, he did something special, he has sent everyone out and decorated home with diya and flowers, he told sorry, then I melted and could not stay annoyed. Thapki smiles and recalls what Bihaan did for her, the decorations on the day he wanted to confess love.

Preeti says yes, we will go to mall and till then Thapki you do all this. Dadi says no, we will go temple. Thapki says I already apologized. Preeti asks her to do this and try. Vasundara says yes, else I will explain him. Dadi says all annoyance will go. Bau ji asks Bihaan to talk to Thapki, she gave a chance to your relation on your saying. Bihaan asks did she complain to you. Bau ji asks don’t I have eyes, you know she does not do anything without any reason. Thapki says I will try and Bihaan does not listen to Bau ji. Bau ji tells Dadi that Bihaan did not agree and left. Dadi says its fine, Thapki will get chance to prepare. Bau ji asks what. Vasundara says I will say, come we will go. Preeti asks Thapki to say sorry to Bihaan in awesome style, all the best. They all leave from home. Thapki says Bihaan, you have to forgive me today.

Bihaan is outside home. Thapki calls him and he disconnects. Preeti calls Thapki. She asks did Bihaan come. Thapki says no, he is not taking my call. Preeti says don’t worry, I will call him. Preeti calls Bihaan. She says Thapki is much away, she has high fever, come home soon. She ends call. Bihaan says no peace, what shall I do if she has fever, I won’t go. Preeti wishes Thapki and Bihaan’s fight ends. A man collides with her and argues with her. Bau ji slaps the man. Dhruv and everyone look on. Dhruv scolds the man and asks him to respect women. The man says we know how Pandey family respects women, Bihaan does not respect Thapki, what will you teach us.

Bihaan comes home and sees the decorations. He sees a toy train with Thapki’s apology. She hides behind I m sorry board and comes there. Music plays………….. She asks will you not forgive me now, I have lit all the diya so that our relation gets light again. She cries and apologizes. He holds her tear and says I told you your tears are priceless for me, I will not let them flow. She asks did you forgive me. He says yes, but on one condition, that you will not lie to me again. She says never. Darmiyaan…..plays…………….. He holds her hand. Thapki’s imagination ends. She waits for Bihaan. Bihaan comes there and sees all the decorations and apologies. She asks will you not forgive me, tell me how will I get your forgiveness. He looks on.

Bau ji holds his chest and falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan with the knife. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do. They all rush Bau ji to hospital.

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