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Thapki Pyaar Ki 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Shraddha telling Dhruv about Thapki. She says Thapki went to hospital last night, go and ask her what is the matter, how is she. Dhruv rushes. Shraddha says I knew this, you made my work easy. Poonam gives tea to the constable and he says I know Diwakar is troubling you. Diwakar and his parents look on. Mishra asks Diwakar to do something. Diwakar says see how I change the game. He goes and puts ketchup on his hand. He says this is blood, as they have beaten me, this is my plan. Aditi hears him.

Vasundara recalls Thapki’s words. She says maybe I did mistake, I misunderstood Thapki, I should apologize to her, I will go to her. Shraddha comes and says I know you are annoyed with me. Vasundara says go from here. Shradda says come with me, I have to show something. Dhruv goes to see Thapki and knocks the door.

Thapki wakes up and he asks can I come inside. She asks him to come. He asks how are you. She says I m fine, why are you asking. He says I know you well, you will not say your sorrow and pain to anyone, you went to hospital with Bihaan at night right. She asks who told you. He says I wanted to ask why you went. She says I had to go there as I was feeling weak. He says its good you told me the truth. Shraddha makes Vasundara hear them. Dhruv gives water to Thapki, and asks her to take care, don’t work today, if you need my help, please tell me. She thanks him. Dhruv leaves. Vasundara says Thapki told poison matter to Dhruv. Shraddha says she did not tell family and told Dhruv, so that Dhruv comes close to her, and the love increases in her heart, she is so clever to use you, see how much Dhruv was caring for her, she wants to trap Dhruv, she will not keep him happy, you scolded me a lot, now you know why I have hidden this, I know you are soft hearted, this girl is like chameleon, see she is showing different colors, she should not be in this house, else she will ruin mine, yours and Dhruv’s life. Vasundara says never, she will ruin just her own life, she was using me, I did not understand this, I will not let stay here, this is my promise.

Diwakar starts crying saying they have beaten me. He shows constable and says do justice now. Aditi says he is lying, this is not blood, its tomato ketchup. Diwakar says she is lying. Aditi asks constable to check it. Constable says this is real blood. Aditi gets shocked. Krishnakant says Diwakar is lying, he is trapping us. Constable asks them not to fight, I will tell my seniors and he will decide who is good and who is bad, I m sitting outside. Diwakar tells Aditi that I knew this that you are keeping an eye on me, so I did all this.

Suman talks to Dadi. Bihaan asks Thapki why did she come to hall. She says I m fine, if I come here, everything will be fine, else poison matter will come out. Bau ji brings Ram ji’s gold Mukut and gives it to Dadi. He asks Bihaan to get clothes for the idol. Suman and Preeti like the Mukut. Vasundara gets an idea. Dadi asks them to keep this Mukut, they will do puja in evening. She gives the puja responsibility to Suman and Preeti. They assure Dadi that they will do best and taunt Thapki for doing mistakes. Thapki asks Dadi can I help them. Dadi says those who will given work will do. Bau ji keeps the Mukut in the box. Vasundara tells Shraddha what to do, see where Bau ji is keeping mukut. Shraddha nods.

Shraddha goes to steal the Mukut and takes it. Thapki sees her. Shraddha sees Thapki and keeps Mukut back. Thapki goes and hides. She sees Shradha taking mukut and running away. She gets shocked. Shraddha gives mukut to Vasundara and asks what to do now. Vasundara says we will blame Thapki about this theft and this mukut will be found in Thapki’s bag, once she falls in everyone’s eyes, no one will trust her. Thapki will be out of Pandey Nivaas. Thapki hears them and gets shocked. Vasundara says I will keep this in my cupboard now and keep it in Thapki’s bag when I get chance.

Bau ji talks to Bihaan. Shraddha and Vasundara think Thapki is in her room. Bihaan gives the clothes. Bau ji says I will keep it along with mukut in box. Vasundara stops him. Dadi says keep it in box. Bau ji opens the box and sees mukut missing. They all wonder where did mukut go. Vasundara says don’t worry, mukut is kept by servant. Dadi says none can take it like this. Preeti asks did mukut get stolen. Thapki comes and says mukut is stolen. Dadi asks what nonsense, who can steal Lord’s mukut. Thapki says Maa has stolen it. They all get shocked.

Thapki asks them to check Maa’s room once and truth will come out. Bau ji says it won’t happen. Dadi says Vasundara’s room will be checked, as I want to prove Thapki wrong, I will prove truth. Vasundara gets tensed.

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