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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Vasundara telling Thapki that roses can be counted, but thorns can’t, likewise my hatred has no limit, when you leave form here, I will get peace. She tells about Dhruv’s state and says I will never forgive you. Thapki says I understand, I don’t want to separate you from your sons, I will go as bad wife and bad bahu, but I can’t see a mum becoming bad. She says I know how many days of mine are left here, I will bear all the thorns coming my way. Vasundara goes.

Shraddha gets Dhruv’s fav dishes she ordered from restaurant. She says I will tell Dhruv that I made this and will enter his heart. She sets table and gets Dhruv there. She says I have worked hard and did all this. She gets shocked seeing Ram pyaari eating the food. Dhruv asks Shraddha to relax and moves Ram pyaari. He says I will ask servant to make new food for me, get this cleaned. He goes. She gets angry, and says Ram pyaari is my third enemy after Bihaan and Thapki, I will not leave this Ram Pyaari.

Bihaan goes to vacate a house. The men take the furniture out. The couple asks the men to stop. The man pushes the house members, and Bihaan scolds the man asking him to vacate house and not hurt anyone. The man apologizes. Thapki calls Bihaan. Bihaan stops them and asks them not to make any sound. She says sorry, did I disturb you, are you in hotel, did manager get angry on you, is your work going on fine. He says its all fine. She says needle broke, will you get medium size needle. The man asks Bihaan to take 20000rs and not vacate his house, I request you. Thapki tells Bihaan to work honestly, every rupee has much value. He gets silent. She asks why are you not saying anything. Bihaan says I heard it, and takes money from the man. He says I will get needle while coming. He ends call. Bihaan looks at the money.

Suman asks Thapki about her feet. Thapki says its better, some pain is there. Suman says then don’t stitch, I got something for you. She gives her puja coin and asks her to make mannat in temple well. She asks her to go with Bihaan and make mannat, as Bihaan is working hard to earn. Thapki thanks her for thinking so much for her. Suman goes.

Bihaan comes home. Thapki says food is ready, shall I serve you. She asks him is he doing wrong or hurting anyone’s heart, you should keep head high always, freshen up, I will serve food. She asks whats in your hand, what are you hiding. He shows the needles and recalls in FB. Bihaan asks the men to keep the furniture back and returns the man’s honest earnings too. He says we will not vacate your house, sorry for trouble. The lady blesses him. The man thanks him. Bihaan asks his men to keep furniture the way it was. FB ends, He says you called on right time Thapki, else I would have done mistake, I mean I would have not got needle. She thanks him and asks him to freshen up. She serves food and says this is simple, but special, as its from our hard earned money, I got ration from 1200rs I earned by stitching, lets taste it and see. They eat the food. He says Ghazab…. You say right, dry roti of honest earnings look like Chappan Bhog. Vasundara stares at Bihaan and leaves. Bihaan sees her.

Bihaan goes to Vasundara and asks her to punish him, as he has not done what she said. He gives her a stick and asks her to beat him. She turns her face away. He says you said Thapki is bad and she stammers, I agreed when you said she is not suitable for Dhruv, I married her, I think I was wrong, Thapki is very nice girl, she stammers, but heart is very good, give her last chance and accept her on my saying. She gets angry and beats him, for taking Thapki’s name instead her. She counts his favors on him and scolds him. She says Thapki is making you dance on your fingers, get lost, don’t show me your face again. He gets teary eyed and hugs Vasundara. He asks did you feel good by beating me, I also felt bad, you are Maa, if not your love, then atleast your beating, I got something from my Maa, I m very happy. he cries and goes. Vasundara cries and says you take Thapki’s side, but Thapki has to leave from here for Dhruv’s happiness.

Bihaan thinks money won’t be enough and calls Debie. He asks her for any work, but righteous. He meets Debie at night. She asks him to think once, as he can’t back out then.

Written Update By Amena


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