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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki calling Bihaan. She asks him did he get work. He says yes, I got work in factory, I will call you later. She hears the car’s sound and says if you were in factory, this traffic sound would have not been there, you did not get job right. He says no, I did not get job, I can get money anyway. She says you have work hard and keep trying honestly, have courage, don’t let your courage break, Lord helps those who honestly try, come home soon. She ends call and recalls Bihaan’s words.

Thapki peddles with her wounded feet. Her feet starts bleeding. Bihaan comes home and says Ghazab, you started work at home. She says she is doing ladies tailor work. He sees her feet bleeding and stops the machine. She asks what happened. He asks what happened to your feet, its bleeding. She says I got hurt some time before, now I m fine. How will we get 10000rs in 2 days, atleast we can get money by this work? Its about my words too, I told the ladies that I will stitch clothes and give by evening. Bihaan sits there and asks her to move her feet. She asks why. He says I will peddle machine and you do stitching. She says no, hands and feet should be in sync. He says I don’t know that, I will peddle. He peddles the machine and she stitches the clothes. Music plays………..

He praises himself and she asks him to focus on work, not on his self appraisal. She thanks him for helping her, and says now my feet is fine. He asks her to focus on work and not on thanking. He asks did thread break and helps her in needling. He holds her and they both have an eyelock. Music plays…………….. she finishes the work and thanks Bihaan. He says this work looks easy, but its not, my feet got hurt. She says that’s I m thanking you, I would have not completed work if you were not here, I will get more work by giving these clothes. He says condition will be same, I will peddle machine. He says I will do the aid now. She says I will manage. He says Bau ji says we should even help enemies on time, and you are my life, I mean a friend for this cowshed animals. He does aid of her feet. Na na na na…………plays……….. he goes and attends call.

Shraddha and Vasundara hear Bihaan saying he helped Thapki and her work is over. He asks his friend did he get work. His friend says its small work. Bihaan says fine, work should not be wrong, any work will be good. He tells Thapki that you said right, Lord supports when we try, I got the work. Thapki gets glad. He says don’t worry, its not wrong work, I will earn honestly and give money in your hands. She asks him to work well and not get angry. She wishes him all the best. He calls her best and leaves smiling. Thapki smiles.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that everything is happening wrong, he will throw money on our face. Vasundara says come, we will go and see what work Bihaan got.

Thapki gives the clothes to the ladies and they like the tailoring. The lady asks Thapki why is she staying in cowshed and earning by tailoring. Thapki says we are trying to be independent, and requests the ladies to tell others too about her tailoring work. The ladies agree and leave. Thapki puts money near the idol and prays. She gets a call. A lady calls Thapki and gives her big order of tailoring. Thapki gets glad. The lady asks her to come and meet at some restaurant. Thapki agrees.

Thapki comes to the restaurant. Bihaan as waiter, comes and gives her water. Shraddha says finally, they have come face to face, it will be real fun. Thapki sees Bihaan and gets shocked. Shraddha gives money to some girl to call Thapki here. Shraddha goes to Thapki and Bihaan… Thapki asks you here. Shraddha says yes, why are you shocked. Shraddha asks Bihaan to clean the table and insults him. She asks him to do waiter’s work. Thapki says I will leave. Shraddha holds her hand and stops her, saying whats the hurry, I did not treat you well, I planned a lot for you and your husband.

Shraddha insults Bihaan and throws water on his face. He gets shocked.

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