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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suman asking some men to tease Thapki. She says she will send Bihaan there and then Bihaan will beat the men, and become hero in Thapki’s eyes. Preeti hears her plan. Thapki goes to market to buy vegetables. Bihaan scolds the veg vendor for giving bad vegs to Pandey Nivaas membet. He says he will beat him. Thapki stops him and says he has apologized. He says I can take care, I told you not to come to help me. He says world runs by seeing power. She holds his hand and says you won’t beat anyone for my sake and gives him Vasundara’s promise. Suman looks on. Bihaan says you won’t change and goes.

Suman says where by are definitely the menm I desired to make Bihaan a hero. Chantu and Bantu see Thapki and Feel why is Suman building us make this happen, Thapki is from her house. Preeti arrives there and asks are they about to tease Thapki. Chantu says Suman instructed us. Preeti offers them town clinic slip and suggests she booked beds for them. They laugh stating they are good. Preeti says glimpse there and exhibits Bihaan sitting angry. She says Bihaan will split your bones. They run from there. Preeti states Suman’s plan unsuccessful. Thapki tells Suman that she will get fruits from there.

Diwakar washes the bike and sings. His mum arrives and asks him to stop dreaming. He claims he enjoys Kiara. Aditi laughs viewing him. She phone calls Raghav and says Diwakar ruined in my adore, notify me how to proceed future. Preeti tells Suman that she has sent Chantu and Bantu. The goons arrive there and tease Thapki. Suman and Preeti glimpse on. Bihaan receives angry observing this. Suman states actual goons have come to do my do the job, Bihaan will defeat them and can turn out to be hero in Thapki’s eyes.

The goons stop Thapki’s way and giggle. Bihaan fumes and walks to them. Suman says now I will get diamond ring, Bihaan will develop into Thapki’s hero by beating the goons. Bihaan stops Thapki’s words and phrases. The goon suggests not a soul will come that will help you. Bihaan arrives in between and asks why are they throwing away time by teasing this girl, she stammers so you both will run as in case you noticed a ghost. Preeti laughs. Bihaan states she is going to converse but by stammering, as she is Chuk Chuk Gaadi. The man asks is he expressing truth of the matter. Bihaan swears on them and asks Thapki to mention a line and demonstrate. Suman asks why is Bihaan accomplishing drama.

Bihaan states Thapki has no courage, possibly her tongue can assist her, she couldn’t enable herself, who will help her. The goon pushes Bihaan and states We’re going to decide what to do together with her. Bihaan receives angry. Aditi fools Diwakar in her like and asks him to fulfill him. He will get thrilled. Thapki scolds the goons and stammers. She states her arms will not stammer and she’s going to defeat them together with her sandals. Other Ladies come there and conquer the goons. Bihaan smiles.

Preeti tells Suman that Thapki grew to become heroine, Bihaan did not become a hero. The tea seller asks Bihaan why did he not conquer the Guys. Bihaan suggests he has crushed them by Thapki’s arms, his arms ended up tied by helplessness, so he has designed other’s arms potent to shield herself. Suman and Preeti hunt for Thapki. The goons see Thapki and acquire indignant as she got them beaten by community. They abide by her. Bihaan retains the goons in advance of they access Thapki.

Thapki would not learn about it and leaves. Bihaan holds their neck. The goons say Bihaan doesn’t have power, so he has built the Lady conquer them. They beat Bihaan and taunt him. Bihaan stops recalling Thapki’s text. They call him worthless and defeat him. Bihaan will get Significantly beaten up. Thapki stops for getting her purse and leaves. She sees Suman and Preeti from the car and sits with them. All of them depart though Bihaan will get beaten up. The goons scold him and go away. Bihaan holds his anger.

Bihaan comes home in beaten up state and slips. Thapki scolds him a lot. She says he is wrong always.

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