Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki insulting Shraddha and making her see her place. She tells Aditi that she will cut rent from her salary and asks her to stay back. Aditi nods. Dhruv smiles. Thapki asks Shraddha not to act to be boss with Aditi again and do not insult her. Shraddha thinks she will never leave Aditi. Preeti asks Sankara to see the gift which Vani gave to her. Sankara says she don’t want this gift and says she will burn it. She burns the gift. Preeti asks are you mad? Sankara asks Preeti to give her saree and says she will burn it too. Preeti refuses. Kosi asks what is happening. She asks how dare she to burn the gift given by Vani. Sankara says she has prayed for Bihaan since childhood and says what she will do without him. Kosi asks her to let Vani marry Bihaan for their betterment. She thinks Vani is rich and they will get crores of money through her. Sankara thinks to kill her.

Dadi and Vasu are talking. Vasu sees Sankara and asks what is in her hand. Sankara recalls planning to kill Vani and planting crackers in the box to kill her. Vasu asks her to show what is in it? Sankara refuses to show it. Kosi comes, takes the box from her hand and sees waste material in it. She asks her to go. Sankara thinks waste materials are just on top, and says it is Vani’s death material. She puts crackers and makes a circle. She then covers it up with colors. Preeti and her husband come there to celebrate Diwali. Preeti is about to light matchstick. Sankara is tensed. She asks Preeti not to light crackers there, and says if vani sees you people here then she might throw you out. Preeti agrees. Sankara sends them to back side of house to burn crackers, and thinks Vani’s death is sure today.

Dhruv asks Thapki what happened? Thapki says she brought Diwali gift for Aditi, but she will not take from her. Dhruv says I will give her gift from your side, and asks her to concentrate on her mission. He asks her to call someone. Thapki says she doesn’t know where did she keep the phone. Dhruv says okay. He comes to Aditi and gives her gift saying someone cares for her so much. Aditi thinks he is talking about him and looks on. She hears crackers bursted and hugs Dhruv being scared. Shraddha happens to see Aditi hugging Dhruv and then laughing with him. She gets jealous and comes to her. She asks how dare you to fly high and asks don’t you have shame to hug and laugh with him. She blames her for the insult by Vani and is about to slap her, but Dhruv holds her hand. He says enough Shraddha. He says why you are misbehaving with Aditi since few days. Shraddha says this girl…..Dhruv says she is family member and sister of Thapki. He asks her not to misbehave with Aditi again then he will tell her everything to Vani. Shraddha is angry and goes.

Vasu returns the keys to Thapki and asks what do you think about yourself. She says we are not puppets to dance on your tune. Thapki asks her to drink water to cool down her anger. Vasu throws water glass and says if this thing was done by my bahu then I would have ended relation with her. Thapki says you would have kicked her out. Vasu says I had done so much for Thapki, but she has ruined them and insulted the relations. She says I won’t let my family break and says I will take back the keys when I have right on it and when you leave from here. She walks out. Thapki gets sad and recalls the happenings.

Chacha ji comes home and asks Kosi why did she leave him. He thinks she is dead. Kosi gets up and asks when did I die? He says he got a call. Thapki tells Dhruv that she will prove her innocence and Kosi’s truth.

Written Update by H Hasan

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