Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th July 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki making a video of her and Bihaan. She says this will calm his anger and clear misunderstandings. She keeps the DVD in locker and keeps password. She thinks how to call Bihaan to come and watch DVD. She calls someone.

Vasundara dreams some man shooting and boiling milk overflows. Dadi comes and asks her what thinking. Vasundara says she saw bad dream. Dadi says its just a thought, think positive now. Bihaan’s friends come home and take Bihaan to show him surprise, which Thapki is giving. Bihaan says I don’t want any surprise. They drag Bihaan and take him. Thapki apologizes to Bihaan for calling his friends without asking him, else he would have not seen this DVD. Dhruv comes there. Bihaan’s friend asks Dhruv to join. Thapki plays the video. Bihaan sees his and Thapki’s good moments. Suddenly, Bihaan dancing on naagin song video comes. Bihaan looks at Thapki.

She switches off tv. His friend asks Thapki to tease Bihaan every day. His friends ask Bihaan not to be angry and leave. Dhruv says it was funny video, relation should have such mischief and sweet and sour memories, it makes relation strong. He leaves. Bihaan gets angry and asks Thapki why did she make fun of him. she says no. he says whatever you have to say, say after 36 hours. Bihaan goes.

Dhruv comes and tells Thapki that I know you more than yourself, I know your plan before you do, I saw you making DVD and understood, I opened your room with duplicate key and knew the locker birthday, Bihaan’s birthday, then I changed your DVD with mine. He says I worked hard to break your and Bihaan’s relation, I won’t let it join so soon. He asks her to go and save her relation if she could. She runs. She stops Bihaan and apologizes. He argues and she asks him not to misunderstand her. He says fine, sit on the bike. They leave.

He drives on high speed. She asks where are you taking me, I did not say anyone at home, tell me. He races the bike. She asks why are you driving bike in high speed, slow down. He asks don’t you trust me. She says I do, but. He asks why are you afraid then. She asks him to see the truck. He asks her not to be scared if she trusts him. She holds him. She asks him to stop the bike, I don’t trust you. He takes bike aside and stops. He asks did your trust break, you broke my trust, how shall I trust you now, my trust has broken forever, I can never trust you now.

Thapki asks him to listen. He stops an auto and drags her. He asks driver to drop her to Pandey Nivaas. He leaves, while she gets sad that he did not listen to her, I stopped bike for you, as your life was also in danger along mine, its fine, I won’t let anything happen to you till I m there, I lost your trust and will earn it back, I will not let our relation break.

Vasundara tells Bau ji that guns can’t be at home now, it can be risky. He says its for protection. She recalls her dream and says this gun just knows to kill person. Thapki comes home and Dhruv showers flowers on her.

He says just 24 hours left now and then we will get married, we will unite. She gets angry. He says the more you get angry, the more my love increases for you, who will believe you without proof. He threatens her about Bihaan’s DVD where he was beating someone, you make me helpless to do this, very soon you will realize my truth is true, Dhruv weds Thapki, Thapki weds Dhruv. He puts flowers on her. Vasundara comes and asks whats happening here. Dhruv and Thapki get shocked.

Thapki says Maa, Dhruv is…. She stops recalling Dhruv’s words. Dhruv tells Vasundara that I was selecting flowers for mandap decorations, any problem, you lost the right to ask me. He asks Thapki shall we final rose, nice choice. He leaves. Thapki cries.

Thapki writes sorry Bihaan, I love you on all his sketches. Dhruv comes there and puts water on her hardwork. She asks what are you doing. He asks why is she worried, Bihaan would also do the same.

Shraddha does preparations to kill Thapki and tells the same to her. Thapki gets shocked.

Written Update by Amena

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