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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th April 2016 Written Update

Episode starts with jhagda
Thapki scolds Bihaan saying how dare you shout a pregnant woman? Bihaan says Shradha is not pregnant, she is lying. Thapki says how do you know? Bihaan replies she is a liar and is deceiving all of us. I don’t trust her. Thapki as usual defends he lady love..saying anybody can get paint marks on their hands like Shrahda did, blah, blah. She says only God know the truth. Bihaan replies..yes only God know the truth and I swear to God that from now on I will do what my heart says..and will destroy anyone who comes in my way.

ShraRuv scene..Shradha says to herself, I escaped by mere inches. This moti budhi Bihaan has brains afterall. Dhruv overhears this and Shradha makes something up by saying I want to watch Shakesphere’s play blah, blah. Shradha throws herself on Dhruv and he as usual gives expressions like some alien just touched him. He says watch the play on my laptop.

Dhruv comes in Thapki’s room looking for some book. She comes out from the washroom….ThaRuv eyelock..even the music was soo romantic.. DS says..I gave you some corporate law book, return it back. They have a convo..DS says I know you very well, how much you like reading..something like that. Thapki returns him the book.

Vapki scene where Vasu has a headache and Thapki says I will give you massage…Vasu starts crying, she says..I was so wrong that I didn’t realize that you have so many good qualities.

DS finds that Bihaan’s sketch in that book…

DS tries to connects the dots..gets a flashback of Bihaan hitting him with danda. Rushes to Thapki . Questions her about the sketch. Vasu says to them, you can talk to each other and leaves..
DS is after Thapki hath dho kar..
Vasu runs to always..Bihaan says, I will stop DS from knowing the truth. This truth will never be out, as long as I am living.

DS is still after Thapki..he says, you can’t lie in mandir. Tell me the meaning of this swear on all that are close to her..Thapki freezes.
Bihaan comes from behind and puts Thapki’s hand on his head saying..I am the one who is the most close to you..right? Tell Dhruv that you have forgiven me and this peacock feather in the sketch symbolises Maata Rani..DS believes him and says Thapki will never take a false oath.

Vasu comes and hugs both Thapki and Bihaan..

Bihaan and Thapki are shown freezing. Thapki says she thinks they are going to die. Bihaan says he wants to tell her something. He says I…….. and then faints.

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