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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with doctor announcing Thapki dead. Bihaan gets shocked. Doctor asks nurse to make death certificate and signs on the form. Doctor covers Thapki’s face. Bihaan asks what happened, why are you doing this. Doctor says I m sorry, her heart beat stopped. Bihaan sits in shock. He recalls Thapki and cries. He asks what does she think to leave him anytime. He says I told you I will not let anything happen, how can you leave me like this, no, I won’t let this happen, get up, open your eyes, I know I did wrong but why to blame yourself. He starts giving CPR again and says doctor, I won’t let her do as she wants. He asks Thapki to get up and promises he will do as she says, she can’t leave him like this.

He asks her not to hurt anyone by leaving like this, atleast wake up for your family. Thapki starts getting her consciousness. Bihaan gets glad. Doctor asks Bihaan to move to side. Bihaan prays. Doctor says I have seen such case for the first time in my career, its miracle, she failed her death and came back for you and family, but I don’t know how can she be so careless to consume rat poison. Bihaan takes the form and says Shraddha….

Bihaan goes home. Shraddha comes to him and asks why did you call me here, what is your problem. Bihaan says I have to give you some news which will make you very happy, your biggest enemy Thapki is no more. Shraddha gets shocked. She asks are you mad, how can Thapki die. He says anyone can die by poison. She says no, its not possible. He cries and says I know you won’t believe my tears, see this proof, Thapki’s death certificate. She checks it and gets shocked.

She says how this happened, she was fine when she had drunk milk. He says she was not fine, she acted to be fine so that no one knows that milk had poison, she did not wish the house to break, so she had hidden this pain, I took her to hospital, it was very late till then, its all because of you, my wife is…. My wife is not in this world. She gets shocked. He says she came here to spread happiness, you have added poison in her milk. She says no Bihaan, I did not… he says enough, I could not stop what happened, but you can’t stop what will happen now. She asks what. He says jail, police will catch you and murder case will be on you, then death, you will meet Thapki then. She says no, why will I be hanged. He says there is one way to get saved, accept the truth, write everything what all you did with Thapki, else Thapki’s death will become your death. He gives her 30mins to decide, either confession or death. She panics. He asks her to say truth and goes.

Shraddha worries over Thapki and asks Vasundara if Thapki really drank poison and died then… Vasundara says we both would have been blamed of her murder and hanged, but Thapki is fine, go and sleep now. She goes. Shraddha says Vasundara added poison, why should I take blame on me, I will write what Bihaan told me, so that I get saved.

Bihaan goes to hospital and asks doctor about Thapki. Doctor says she is better and will get conscious in some time. Shraddha calls Bihaan. He goes out to talk. Thapki gets conscious and looks around. She says how did I come in hospital and recalls Bihaan rushing her to hospital.

Thapki says if everyone knows this, Maa’s truth will come out, I have to go out. She removes the bandage. Nurse stops Thapki and Thapki comes out. Bihaan asks Shradda will you say everything. Shraddha says I will say. He asks her to write everything she did against Thapki. She agrees. Thapki passes by. Shraddha says I will write Vasundara’s doings. Bihaan hears that Thapki left for home. Doctor asks Bihaan to check Thapki, she did not get well. Bihaan says Shraddha is writing her mistakes/crimes, she should not see Thapki, I have to stop Thapki.

Shraddha says I want to tell something about Thapki. Bau ji asks what. Shraddha says Thapki is no more. Dhruv asks what. They all get shocked.

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