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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with Suman and Rachna producing a strategy to harm Thapki by keeping a nail on her chair. Thapki assists Dhruv and usually takes him to washroom. Suman and Rachna are finding a nail and say this large home is ineffective with out a nail. She can take the nail by eliminating the Image body with the wall. Bau ji arrives and asks whats happening in this article. They get tensed and say they need that nail. He claims what. Suman suggests the nail is undesirable, we will change it. He claims you both of those know Vasundara, and leaves. Suman states They are really often come everywhere whenever.

They come to Thapki and send out her out to examine Rachna’s telephone. Rachna requires her and Suman keeps the nail over the chair and fixes it by hammer so that Thapki gets damage. Suman operates seeing Dhruv. Thapki will come back and helps make Dhruv sit on his bed. She goes to her chair and sits. Thapki’s gown will get torn through the nail and he or she addresses it. Dhruv turns and she or he operates out of his place.

Suman and Rachna explain to Vasundara that Thapki will run currently, they did their do the job, Thapki won’t ever come back now. Vasundara sees Thapki coming downstairs and leaving. She thinks Thapki shed On this check. They ask for his or her prize. Shubh sees Mishra and Diwakar and receives stunned. Shubh informs Krishnakant and Poonam. Nimmi calls Poonam asking her to meet the male’s relatives. Poonam can make justification and finishes the call. Krishnakant states its great Thapki is not really below.

Thapki will come out and cries. She suggests if she goes, How about Dhruv and get the job done. She eats chewing gum and fixes that to her torn Component of the dress. Vasundara asks Suman and Rachna to choose necklaces. She will get unhappy. She will get stunned viewing Thapki coming back and smile. Suman and Rachna get shocked. Thapki goes back to Dhruv’s place. Vasundara thinks Thapki proved she can deal with something. She takes back again the necklaces.

Thapki concerns Dhruv and resumes her perform. He appears to be like at her and sees her masking herself Along with the dupatta. He asks is she good. She states Indeed. He asks her to consider split. She suggests files are imp and have to consider Business. He states your costume. She suggests she has preset it with chewing gum. He will get stunned and smiles. Nimmi concerns Poonam and states she has acquired anyone to meet them. She asks her daughter and Diwakar to return. They get shocked looking at Diwakar and remember what happened at marriage time. Diwakar is shocked as well. Nimmi suggests he is going to be her son in regulation. Diwakar greets them.

Nimmi states They can be my neighbors but like family members. Diwakar requires their blessings. Aditi gets angry. They go away. Krishnakant suggests they will’t tell Nimmi about Diwakar. Aditi asks them to tell it, else Nimmi will come to feel negative later. Krishnakant says Indeed, we must always inform her When we get an opportunity. Thapki asks Dhruv did he Check out documents. He nods. She suggests she will get it to Workplace. He smiles and offers her the documents. He stops her and asks her to fill shade from the plaster. He asks her for making everything she likes. She will get happy and sits to fill colors with get effectively shortly message in it. Thapki pyaar ki………..plays…………….. She states he appears great when he smiles. They smile. Vasundara seems on. Thapki asks her to maintain smiling. Vasundara receives stunned viewing Thapki stammer.

Nimmi takes Thapki to meet Diwakar and Poonam sees them.

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