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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Dhruv greeting teddy and forwarding his hand. Thapki and Shraddha get shocked. Dhruv asks why are you not saying anything, is everything fine. Shraddha says Dhruv, move away. He asks why. She asks him to meet her friends first and takes him. Thapki gets relieved. Shraddha gets angry that Thapki has eyed Dhruv, and thinks to send someone. She asks waiter to go and shake hands with teddy. He asks what. She gives him money and sends him. Thapki looks on and gets shocked.

Thapki runs to avoid the waiter. Waiter asks teddy to stop. Kids cheer for teddy. Waiter catches the teddy. Thapki runs again and falls by the garlands. Bihaan holds teddy’s hand to save teddy from falling. Lord’s idols are shown. Thapki sees Bihaan holding her hand. Bihaan asks the waiter to go. He asks teddy whats this, you have such big body and small eyes, why are you becoming Milkha Singh, don’t collide with anyone, be careful. He goes to have juice. Shraddha asks Thapki for whom is she waiting, even if accidentally, but Bihaan held your hand first, go and kiss him according to the condition, else pack your bags and leave. Vasundara and Shraddha look on and laugh. Thapki goes to Bihaan and cries. Bihaan says teddy got after me, do you want to thank me, a girl stays with me who always want to thank me, I don’t let her thank me, why will I let you thank me, go and have fun. Thapki goes close to him. Bihaan says don’t stick to me, what are you doing, Bhaalu Bhai…. He moves back and asks teddy to stop. He moves teddy away and scolds, saying don’t come close, what is this way to thank, do you want to thank me, as if someone kept condition, this party is of good valued people, all this won’t work here, go. Thapki starts going. Bihaan stops teddy and says don’t get sad, you want to give me kiss right, give the flying kiss, your work will be over and I will get kiss too. He shows the flying kiss. Thapki gives him flying kiss. Vasundara holds her hand. Bihaan takes the kiss and says Ghajab…. Na na na na………….plays………….. He goes. Thapki thanks Lord.

Shraddha gives her jewelry to Lord idol and says take all this, I will get more, wait. She brings more of her jewelry and says take this cash too, just once, favor me and make me win over Thapki, please Lord. Vasundara comes there and says Shraddha, you are bribing Lord. Shraddha asks what shall I do, Lord favors wrong people. Vasundara says I m angry too, calm down, we will do something big to make Thapki lose, we will win as we are true and right. Vasundara goes as Bau ji calls her. Shraddha says you wait till tomorrow to win, I will not wait, I want to win today itself, Thapki can’t make me lose in one thing, she can’t stop me and Dhruv from coming closer. She says I will have husband and wife relation with Dhruv by hook or crook. She calls and orders something.

Preeti takes pic with teddy. Dadi and Bau ji come there. Preeti likes teddy a lot. Daid asks Preeti to stop it, her teddy Ashwin is calling her. Preeti says I will come with Ashwin and take selfie with teddy. Dadi gives some money to teddy, saying you entertained us, keep this small amount from us. Bau ji says keep it as blessing. Thapki touches their feet and takes their blessings. Bihaan looks on. Thapki cries and recalls how Dadi did not bless her when she left from home.

Bau ji blesses teddy and we wish you get lots of love from all of us. Dadi says you are so good valued, who are you, show your face. Bau ji says yes, move your mask. Thapki worries and starts getting hiccups. She goes. Bihaan looks on. Thapki removes the teddy bear and eats something. Bihaan comes there and thinks Ghazab, even teddy’s hiccups are stopping after eating samosas, even Thapki’s hiccups go when she eats something, is that… He says Thapki… Thapki sees him and runs. He says listen, why did teddy run, is that really Thapki, what am I thinking, Thapki said she will rest in cowshed as she has headache. Thapki takes Suman aside. Suman asks who are you, why are you troubling me. Thapki removes the teddy head, and Suman gets shocked. Thapki tells the problem that Bihaan will check for her in cowshed, do something and stop Bihaan, please. Suman says don’t worry, I will do something.

Bihaan goes out and says no, that can’t be Thapki, she will be in cowshed. He gets thinking and recalls Thapki’s hiccups. He thinks to check once, is Thapki in cowshed or not. Suman stops Bihaan and says I have to say something, you won best couple tag, thanks. Thapki silently goes to cowshed till Suman makes Bihaan busy. Suman asks Bihaan to go now. Bihaan goes to see Thapki. He sees her resting and thinks she is here, I will not change, what was I thinking, I m mad. Thapki opens eyes and says Bihaan, you here, do you want something, how did you come. He says a teddy got hiccups like you, so… leave it, tell me, is your headache fine. She says no, I have ache. He gives her a balm which Dadi gave him, saying I don’t like ill people. She asks really, why did you come, go then. He says I m mad to come here. He gets shocked seeing the teddy socks Thapki is wearing. He recalls the teddy and looks at her.

Bihaan comes wearing blue teddy costume. Shraddha wonders who is this new teddy.

Written Update By Amena


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