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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th December 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Bau ji asking Thapki why does she want to withdraw her name. she says I don’t want to hurt family, see everyone is here, they are my own family. What will I get by participating in competition, I m in family for few days. He asks her to come with her, he will answer. Shraddha goes to Bihaan and Thapki’s ox. She says she won’t let Bihaan and Thapki win, and puts insects on the ox’s feet. She says these insects will make this ox, and my tough competitors Bihaan and Thapki out, and feels sorry for the ox.

Bau ji asks Thapki what can she see from here. She says everyone from my family. He says they have come to compete, and you are talking about leaving it, cowards leave the competition, are you coward. She says no, I m doing this for family. He says this is Karm Bhoomi, and gives instances from Mahabharat, Arjun was given that knowledge which was for all human kind, all phases of life is Kurukshetra. Politics is everywhere, real warrior is one who is ready to fight with situation. He explains her well and says you have come here for family, don’t insult your motive by backing out, think this is your Dharm and this field is your Karm Bhoomi, tell me will you compete.

She says Lord Krishna said one thing more, that he will come in more avatar when anyone needs me, I feel that was true, thanks. She takes his blessings. He blesses her and takes her. Shraddha bribes a man and asks where did they keep pot. Preeti says I have to win and practices. She sees Shraddha with that man. She says that man looks committee member. The man tells Shraddha that pot in on that place, he knows the place. Shraddha gives him money. He leaves. Preeti looks on.

Shraddhya says Dhruv and I will get the pot first, we will win and everyone else will lose. She goes and checks the mark on the ground. Preeti says Shraddha can’t cheat, she does not know I m more smart. Preeti makes many more marks there. Suman asks what is she doing. Preeti tells Suman that Shraddha has given money and knew where is pot hiding, but I m awesome and made many cross marks here, Shraddha will not find it now.

Thapki’s family comes there and greet Vasundara. Diwakar says we have come to encourage Thapki. Thapki comes and hugs her parents. Diwakar’s parents also come. Mishra says we have to come to make Aditi and Diwakar win. Manju says yes, they will win. Aditi says we are not participating.

Diwakar asks Vasundara can he take part in the competition. She asks him to talk to committee. Diwakar takes Aditi and asks can we participate, just see will it be adjusted, Aditi is willing. The lady says you are lucky, give your names here. Aditi says we will not participate. Diwakar says we are newly married, she is shy, you write our names. Mr. Diwakar Mishra and Mrs. Aditi Diwakar Mishra. Aditi says I won’t take part. He stops her and threatens her that he will make fun of Thapki, he is good in it.

He thinks he will win this competition and blacken Pandey family’s faces. The lady announces Diwakar and Aditi’s name who just joined the competition. She says race will start in 10ins. Everyone get ready. Shraddha thinks why did she keep ox race, and not car or bike race, such illiterates…. Dhruv tells Shraddha that he will do all this. She says we compliment each other. Thapki gets shocked seeing the ox feet hurt by insects. Shraddha thinks to see how Thapki and Bihaan lose now.

Bihaan says we can’t back out now. She says that ox is injured. He asks do we have any option. They all get shocked seeing Thapki having plough on her shoulders.

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