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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Suman and Preeti to make tea masala. Shraddha comes and greets them good morning. Suman taunts her to wake up so late. Preeti too laughs on Shraddha, and says we wake up early, see we have made awesome food and now grinding masala. Suman says Vasundara does not like anyone waking up late. Shraddha asks when did you wake up. Suman says I woke up at 6am and went to temple. Shraddha says even I woke up at 6am, I did not get time to talk to Dhruv, I talk to him till late night and get late, fine I will not talk to him and sleep early. Vasundara says no, you wake up at 10am, you spend time with Dhruv. She smiles. Suman and Preeti get upset.

Diwakar comes to room and sees a gift. Aditi says its for him. He gets glad. He likes the pen and smiles. He says it looks imported. She says yes, I got it from America via my friend. He asks the cost. She says only 6000rs. He says he will show off pen to his friend and goes. She says Diwakar does not know that phone has spy camera, when he unlocks his phone, I will know the passcode. She sees the live feed on laptop. Diwakar shows the pen to everyone. She thinks to message Diwakar, and she can see his password. She asks how did he like the pen. She sees the passcode and smiles. She says now his game will end.

Thapki comes downstairs. Everyone ask her to take rest. Preeti says we will do all work. Suman asks her to take care. Few ladies come and greet Vasundara. The women tell about super bahu competition. They say whatever the profit comes, we will donate it. you have four bahus and have to come. Dadi asks what will they do. The woman says there will be three rounds, first round will have husband and wife ploughing field together, its fun round. Dadi smiles.

Shraddha thinks to not take part. Vasundara provides Shraddha, Preeti and Suman’s title. The girl asks about her fourth bahu. Vasundara thinks That is great opportunity to get Thapki insulted, Thapki will get rid of and my bahu Shraddha will gain. Vasundara presents Thapki’s name. Dadi asks how can Thapki consider portion On this state. Bihaan says Dadi is indicating correct. He says I’ll withdraw her name. Vasundara stops him and suggests its matter of our regard. I would like Thapki to go and take part, its good if she has A lot ache. Thapki suggests no, I will certainly Choose Maa’s sake. Shraddha thinks Thapki is a large idiot. Vasundara smiles. Thapki asks Dadi shall I go. Dadi permits her. Bihaan seems on. Shraddha thinks to system towards Thapki, as just she’s going to be in Vasundara’s good guides.

Thapki talks to Krishnakant and Poonam. They get happy hearing her voice and cry Fortunately. Thapki asks Poonam to not cry. Thapki tells them that everybody can take care of her. She tells Levels of competition and she needs to operate plough. They get shocked and claims no require. Diwakar hears them. Thapki says its imp for Vasundara, Dadi is calling me, inform Aditi I m often along with her and ends simply call. Poonam asks whats really need to go. Diwakar suggests Enable her go, I do think every one of us should really go there to encourage her. He thinks to surprise them. Shraddha smiles looking at Thapki and thinks she will not likely Permit Thapki earn.

Shraddha mixes sleeping pill powder in the milk glass, and thinks either Bihaan or Thapki will drink this, and they will lose. Bihaan drinks the milk. 

Written Update By Amena


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