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Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki going to market to buy vegs. The ladies there taunt Thapki for hiding her face and asks did she do anything wrong. Bihaan comes and has cloth over his face too. He asks are they not worried for their health, there is air pollution and so many diseases are spreading, doctor told us to take caution. The lady says so this is the matter, sorry. He says naughty aunty, what were you thinking. They all cover faces to take precaution. Thapki buys vegs. Bihaan asks Thapki not to thank him, I did this for me not you, this is my area, if they point finger on you, it means its on me and my family, I can’t bear my family’s insult. He jokes and goes. She pays the money. He comes back and asks is she coming or will she cook vegs here itself. They leave for home.

Servant gives tea to Bau ji. Bau ji drinks tea. Dhruv’s secretary comes and greets Bau ji. She says I got these files, Dhruv asked me to get the files, you might be his elder brother, young, dashing and handsome, please give files to him. Bau ji says yes. The lady leaves.

Bihaan and Thapki come home. Bau ji calls everyone in the living room. Vasundara asks why did they call them here. Bau ji says Maa has punished Thapki for what she did, and now I also want to punish her. Shraddha smiles and thinks Bau ji will slap Thapki. Bau ji removes the cloth from Thapki’s face. Vasundara asks why are you doing this. Bau ji says I m forgiving her, Maa said till I keep cloth on my face, Thapki has to do same, now when I removed the cloth, her punishment is over. Thapki cries happily. Bihaan smiles. Bau ji says now I won’t hide face and Thapki also does not need to hide face. Thapki says it means you have forgiven me for my mistake. Bau ji says yes, I have forgiven you. She thanks him. Vasundara leaves angrily. Shraddha thinks this plan flopped, I have to do something big to make Bau ji against Thapki. Bihaan looks at Shraddha.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to keep smiling. She asks him why did he forgive Thapki. Bau ji says it became happiness for me, people think I m Dhruv’s brother, Dhruv’s secretary came and called me Dhruv’s brother, what do you think, don’t I look young, will you come back to our old days. He laughs and plays a song. He gives her a rose and dances with her on Aye meri zohra jabeen………

Shraddha makes Thapki hear that she added cream in Bau ji’s dye, just see what I do with Thapki. She talks to her friend. Thapki gets angry and goes to Shraddha. Shraddha says I was talking to my friend. Thapki says enough, I heard everything. Shraddha thinks I made you hear it. Thapki asks how can she take revenge with everyone, how can you do wrong with Bau ji. Everyone come there. Shraddha asks Thapki what are you saying. Thapki says enough, don’t act innocent infront of everyone, I know your truth that you added cream in Bau ji’s dye. They all get shocked. Thapki says you have put blame on me, stop doing these, else I will tell everyone about it, then no one will forgive you. Shraddha asks what happened to you. Bau ji asks Thapki what is she saying. Dadi says see how Thapki is changing colors after getting forgiveness, she is blaming Shraddha. Shraddha says leave it, forgive her, she is anger and upset. Bau ji asks Thapki not to blame Shraddha. Thapki says I heard her talking on phone. Shraddha asks what on phone. Dadi scolds Thapki. Thapki cries and leaves.

Vasundara asks Shraddha whats all this, what did you do. Shraddha says I intentionally made Thapki hear that I added hair removal cream in dye, did you notice Bau ji took my side, Thapki blamed me, if they feel Thapki got jealous and tried to kill me, then Bau ji will not forgive her, support me and then see, how Bau ji gets away from Thapki. Thapki will get out of this house.

Its morning, Bau ji asks Thapki to start aarti. Dadi stops Thapki and asks Shraddha to do aarti today. Shraddha says but Thapki does aarti always, let her do. Dadi says I can’t bear mistake on puja, you do aarti. Vasundara says Dhruv and Shraddha should do it together. Dadi agrees. Dhruv and Shraddha do the aarti. Thapki cries.

Shraddha asks Thapki to do aarti, they are like sisters, everyone will be happy if we do work together, Dhruv and I will be happy, give aarti to everyone. Suman says your heart is such clean, Thapki blamed you yesterday, anyone else would have not seen Thapki’s face. Dhruv asks Suman what is she saying, I don’t know about this. Shraddha says forget it, everyone does mistakes. Thapki gives aarti to everyone. Vasundara gives a lipstick to Shraddha. Shraddha applies it to her hand and takes Aarti from Thapki. She screams and says Thapki made my hand burnt, I mean my hand got burnt. Vasundara asks them to see the mark. Preeti says see how Thapki too revenge. Dadi asks Thapki what did she do. Shraddha says it happened by mistake, its fine. Dadi says she does mistakes always. Bihaan and Dhruv stay quiet. Thapki cries.

Servant tells about rat poison. Shraddha asks Thapki did she add rat poison in it. Bau ji says Vasundara was also there in kitchen with Thapki, the milk will be fine. He asks Vasundara to make Shraddha drink the milk. Vasundara and Shraddha get shocked. Thapki stops Vasundara and says I will drink this milk.

Written Update By Amena


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