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Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Diwakar coming to Pandey Nivaas and meeting Poonam. He lies to Poonam that house will get dismantled, if she does not show the legal papers to builder. He convinces her to come with him, and they would go home. Poonam goes to get her bag. Diwakar takes selfies till then, and Dhruv comes there. Dhruv sees Thapki’s pic and thinks how can I live without your pic. He gets clicked by Diwakar. Poonam comes and leaves with Diwakar. Thapki talks to Poonam on phone. Poonam says I will manage all work and come there, you focus on your marriage.

Bihaan recalls Thapki and Dhruv’s words. Thapki asks Bihaan what is the matter. He asks is it imp to tell you everything. He leaves. Thapki tells Shraddha that Bihaan’s anger is not normal, something is wrong, I know Dhruv did something, I have seen him talking to Bihaan, you help me. Shraddha says no, I can’t help. Shraddha talks to Dhruv via Bluetooth headset and asks what shall I say Thapki now. Dhruv says tell her that Bihaan loves Thapki, so he may have got angry. Thapki says no, I feel he is hiding something. Dhruv says tell her to trust Dhruv once. Shraddha asks Thapki why is she blaming Dhruv, he cares for me as good husband. Dhruv says tell her to give a chance to Dhruv, and change her perception. Shraddha tells what Dhruv tells her. Thapki says maybe you are right, I should not doubt Dhruv, thanks. Thapki goes. Dhruv tells Shraddha that this is answer to Thapki’s CCTV camera trick, now you will wear Bluetooth and tell me everything about Thapki’s moves, anyways good job, I m impressed Shraddha.

Thapki dreams that Dhruv is burning her and Bihaan’s pic, and swearing to burn their relation too. Dhruv says you are just mine Thapki. She says no, you can’t do this with us, Dhruv. Bihaan says I should not talk to Thapki like this, she would be sleeping, I will talk later. He hears Thapki taking Dhruv’s name in sleep and gets shocked. He leaves. Thapki wakes up from her dream and says no, I will not let its bad dream come true.

Its morning, Vasundara asks pandit to ward off evil sight from Bihaan and Thapki. She tells Bihaan about the rasam, and says no one can harm them now. Suman says this rasam was not done in Dhruv’s wedding. Preeti says that’s why everything got wrong. Dadi asks them to stop it. pandit asks Bihaan and Thapki to tie the Rakshasutra. They do the rituals. Suman jokes. Vasundara prays that both Bihaan andThapki stay fine.

Dhruv makes Bihaan hear about him and Thapki getting stuck. Bihaan asks what are you saying. Dhruv says in officer’s sound proof room. Bihaan asks when did this happen. Dhruv says when you came to office with food for Thapki, we were working and got locked in that sound proof room, you won’t believe we are stuck for few hours, lights also went, I m afraid of darkness and she held me tight, she fainted that day and I made her eat cake. Bihaan looks at Thapki, and says she did not tell me anything. Dhruv says what would she say that we got locked in the room, its small thing, you were angry that day, this is your problem, you always get angry, I won’t share things with you, get normal now, see Thapki is so happy. Thapki sees Bihaan with Dhruv. Bihaan leaves angrily. Dhruv says Thapki I will make Bihaan away from you, you will just see. He smiles.

Dhruv smiles seeing the video of Thapki and his date. Bihaan comes there. Dhruv pauses the video and switches the window. Bihaan asks did you call me. Dhruv says yes, your pre wedding shoot pics came, come have a look. Bihaan sees the pics. Dhruv says you both look cute, perfect, made for each other. He thinks this is biggest wound to break them, and plays the video. Bihaan sees the video. Dhruv quickly shuts laptop saying I m so sorry, don’t know how this video came. Bihaan asks what was it. Dhruv says nothing, see later. Bihaan says no, I have to see it now. Dhruv plays video and shows him. Bihaan gets annoyed and upset with Thapki.

Thapki looks for Bihaan. Bihaan asks whats all this. Dhruv says Thapki planned a date with you, and one day before it was our one year anniversary, I mean of our anniversary, so we planned this cute date, we have cut the cake, danced and sat for hours to talk, what happened Bihaan, don’t tell this to Thapki, she strictly told me not to tell anyone, as we are friends. He says now I know why she stopped me, see your face, you are angry, upset, don’t take stress, it was friendship date. Thapki comes there and says Bihaan….. They look at Thapki. She asks what are you doing here, are you planning any secret with Dhruv. Dhruv says no, we were seeing pre wedding shoot pics. Thapki says I was waiting for Bihaan. Bihaan leaves. Thapki asks Dhruv what did you do, I can see Bihaan’s eyes and can know you did something wrong. Dhruv says you are doubting me, I changed, trust me. She says I know you are acting, the day your truth comes out, you won’t be saved.

Bihaan says I don’t want to talk to you Thapki. She jokes and teases him. She stops him at the tip of the knife and he gets angry, asking her to kill him and end this story. She gets shocked.

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