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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th May 2016 Written Update

First part of Trishakti Episode:

Chakor sees Imli leaving in the auto and shouts Imli…… Imli asks auto driver to stop. She says I felt there is someone behind. She asks him to take u-turn. Chakor smiles seeing Imli coming back. Imli gets glad finding Chakor. She says I went to camp to meet you, I got your beads there and I did not find you there, what are you doing here. Chakor thinks if I tell her the truth, don’t know what will she do with Tina. She says we will go, I m getting late. Imli gives her the beads. Chakor hugs Imli and smiles. Imli asks her to come fast, she has to then leave and meet Suraj.

Fake Simar and Chandramani get shocked seeing Prerna. Simar/bee looks on and thanks Mata Rani for sending Prerna back. Prerna tells them that her flight got cancelled, then she got to know someone else is hired in my place, so I came back. Khushi says we can sit and talk a lot, so your flight got missed. Prerna says even I did not wish to go, I realized what is family. Mata ji smiles and says you did good by coming here. Prerna looks at fake Simar and says you all look happy, but Simar does not seem happy. Simar says its nothing like that. Mata ji says Simar won’t have objection, you can stay here till you wish, you are part of our family. Prerna smiles. Chandramani looks at fake Simar.

The man stops Thapki. He asks her to wait till he checks the DVD. He asks his goon to get his laptop. Thapki gets worried. Thapki thinks to do something. She sees the milk kalash and puts the antidote bottle inside the kalash. She puts the milk on the shivling and prays. She sees the bottle falling outside by the pipe. Suman gets the medicine and says its good Thapki’s plan worked, I will give this to Bau ji now. She prays for Thapki and goes.

Rathod takes the forms and asks Tina to sign her form. Tina says I was thinking if Chakor came… He asks are you saying this. She says yes, she is really talented, she is my real competitor, I want her to come and I make her lose in this marathon. She submits her form. He says with this, your registrations are completed. Chakor comes running there and says stop. Rathod and everyone get shocked seeing her. Chakor says she will participate in the marathon and takes the form. Tina gives her the pen. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….. plays………. Chakor fills the form.

Chakor tells Tripti that Tina did all this, it was my good fate that I came on time, I thought Tina is a real player, but I was wrong, I did not know she will fall so low. Tripti asks what will you do now. Chakor gets some idea and sees the fan. She smiles and says I will do what I thought.

Vivaan gets her call and asks Chakor what will you do with these things. She asks him to just do it. He asks her to say I love you. She smiles and says I will say it when you come here. He says fine, I will come there. She says no one should know it. He says I can fight with tiger to hear I love you from you. She ends call and smiles saying Vivaan is mad.

Prerna arranges her clothes back and says I m very happy to come back, everyone is happy too. Fake Simar thinks where is that locket and she starts disappearing. Prerna gets her dupatta and does not see fake Simar turning half invisible. Prerna does not see her. Fake Simar thinks how did that locket fall, if Prerna turns back then everything will be over. Simar/bee asks Prerna to turn back and see. Prerna turns back and gets shocked.

Suraj asks Vivaan shall I drop you. Vivaan says yes, but maybe she won’t like it. Suraj says you are going to make Tina, take Imli along, she will meet Chakor. Imli says I don’t need to meet Chakor. Suraj asks her to just go. Vivaan thinks to drop out Imli, else he can’t meet Chakor. He asks Imli to come, he has to ask about accounts. Suraj worries and asks Imli to show him some file, and meet Chakor later. Imli goes with Suraj. Vivaan fools Suraj and leaves.

The man checks the DVD. Dhruv checks the real DVD and gets shocked seeing the third person attacking Bau ji. He realizes Bihaan is really innocent. Shraddha comes there with the juice and gets shocked seeing Dhruv seeing the DVD. Dhruv gets teary eyed. Vasundara shouts Dhruv, look whats happening to your Bau ji. Dhruv runs to Bau ji. Everyone worry for Bau ji, seeing him getting critical. Dhruv gets shocked and calls doctor. Suman comes there and asks them to give this medicine to Bau ji, poison is given to Bau ji. They all get shocked. Dhruv asks who gave poison to Bau ji. Suman says I will tell later, first give this medicine to Bau ji. Vasundara asks how can we give any medicine without asking doctor. Suman says it will be late till doctor comes. Dhruv gives the antidote injection to Bau ji. Bau ji calms down. They all get relieved.

Vasundara asks Suman how do you know Bau ji was given poison. Suman says Bihaan is innocent, he did not stab Bau ji. Vasundara asks are you mad. Dhruv says Thapki was saying right Maa, and even Suman is saying right, Bihaan is innocent, he did not do anything. He shows the DVD which Thapki wanted to show them, this has recording, it proves Bihaan is innocent. Suman says tell this later, go and save Thapki, she has risked her life to get medicine for Bau ji, go and save her. They all get shocked.

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