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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Bihaan that she trusts him a lot, but lost trust in Thapki. She asks him to leave the ashes pot in river, as her husband really left her today. She cries and hugs him. He feels bad. Thapki cries in her room. Bihaan comes there and sees her. He takes her.

Police comes at Aditi’s house. Diwakar and his parents smile. Diwakar acts and says they are my dangerous inlaws and wife, they have beaten me. Krishnakant says he is lying. Inspector says he did not file FIR. Aditi says he is acting. Diwakar says I m saying truth. Inspector asks them to let Diwakar stay in this house. Diwakar says my parents should stay with them. Inspector says stay here and inform me if they trouble anyone of you. Diwakar thanks him. Police leaves. Diwakar laughs and enters the house. He asks them to call Thapki and Bihaan, and laughs.

Bihaan brings Thapki to the lake and says I know you can’t do this mistake, you will take blame on yourself and cry, so I got you here to drop this ashes pot, we will do its visarjan. She says no Bihaan, whatever happened, I can’t deserve to do this. He holds her hand and stops her. He says Dadi is annoyed, but I know Dada ji can see everything, he also knows you did not do anything, it was not your mistake. He convinces her and asks her to do this as repentance. She apologizes to Dada ji. They leave the ashes pot in the lake and pray.

Its morning, Dadi tells Bau ji that its time for her medicines. Thapki brings medicines for Dadi. Dadi asks Bau ji to send her medicines in her room and goes. Bau ji tells Thapki that Dadi won’t be annoyed for long, try to win her heart. Vasundara and Shraddha look on. Vasundara says its tough to make Thapki out of Bau ji’s heart. Shraddha says Bau ji will also get against Thapki. Vasundara says we have to wait for right time and goes to temple. Shraddha says weak people wait for chance, I will make a chance, see what I do with Bau ji, its good Vasundara left, else she would have opposed my plan. She laughs.

She goes to Bau ji and talks to him. She says I m worried for Thapki, everyone is annoyed with her, Thapki will get alone here. He says yes, time will make things fine. She says I think we should not leave her alone, she respects you a lot. He says yes, I can do anything for her. She says then call Thapki and give her work to make her busy. He says I m going to dye my beard and moustache now. She says great, ask Thapki to prepare the color. He says right and calls Thapki. She says I have work and goes. Thapki comes to Bau ji, and asks did you call me. Bau ji asks her to prepare dye. Thapki says no, I will ask servant, I may do mistake again. Bau ji says I trust you, go. Thapki agrees. Shraddha hides and is glad. Shraddha recalls Bau ji’s words about his beard. She says now Bau ji will hate Thapki.

Thapki prepares the dye. Shraddha thinks to bring Thapki out of kitchen and mix hair removal cream in the dye, to get Bau ji’s beard removed. She makes something fall. Thapki stops and does not go. Shraddha thinks what to do. Thapki takes the dye. Shraddha stops her and asks her to cut pineapple for her. Thapki says I will give this hair dye to Bau ji first. Shraddha says give it later, just cut this in 2mins, I really want to have pineapple now. Thapki agrees and keeps the dye there. Shraddha tries to add hair removal cream in the dye. Thapki takes the bowl and says this time no mistake should happen. She cuts pineapple and gives her. She takes dye bowl and goes.

Thapki gives the dye to Bau ji. He says great, you did not do mistake, don’t worry, you can’t do any mistake, take rest now. She goes. Shraddha sees Bau ji applying dye and thinks how to add cream in it. She calls her dad and says I m annoyed, you did not talk to Bau ji, its about my respect, talk to Bau ji right now. She stops Bau ji and says my dad wants to talk to you. He talks to her dad and keeps the dye. She adds the cream in the dye and mixes it well. Bau ji gives the phone back. She asks him to dye his beard. He says I felt glad talking to Singh after many days. She goes out and looks on. Bau ji applies the dye to his beard and moustache. She smiles. It starts itching to him and he scratches. He gets shocked seeing the hair coming out. Shraddha gets happy and says this was last wicket of this house, that’s also down now, poor Thapki, what will she do now.

Dadi asks Bau ji why is he hiding his face. Bau ji shows his face. Shraddha says it means Thapki added hair removal cream in the dye. Dadi covers Thapki with a black cloth and says this is her punishment to cover her face till Bau ji hides his face. Thapki cries.

Written Update By Amena


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