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Thapki Pyaar Ki 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Thapki to come fast. They both enter the home. Bihaan greets Vasundara and says I m very happy that you called me Maa, I wanted to meet you all. Vasundara says its good you came, Thapki has to do party arrangements. Bihaan says why just Thapki, I will also help. Preeti says no, let her do this work, she will get prize to do this. Bihaan gets shocked. Suman steps on her feet and says Preeti got mad seeing you, she meant let Thapki do the work, then Vasundara will give her prize. Bihaan says I will also do the work. Thapki says no, I will do the work, as Maa told me, you sit with Bau ji and Dadi. He saus fine, till then I will massage Dadi’s legs. Dadi and Bau ji smile.

Thapki and Suman blow balloons. Sanjay brings the lights. Thapki says she will arrange lights it in some time. The balloon bursts. Suman and Thapki laugh. Bihaan smiles seeing Thapki. Bau ji says Maa, I made list of all guests. Dadi says Bihaan used to do this work always. Bihaan says I will do this work this time also, I will message everyone. He reminds last time party and laughs. He thinks Thapki, they are happy calling us here, very soon they will call us back home. Thapki sees him laughing and says very soon you will be back in your family, I will go from here forever. She cries.

Shraddha gets ready and asks Dhruv’s pic how is she looking, as she got ready for him. Shraddha says its valentines day and we will come close today, I really love you Dhruv. She sees Dhruv’s clothes and plays song Tenu itna mai pyaar kara………….. she dances with his shirt. Dadi and Kiran come there and smile seeing Shraddha.

Dadi holds Shraddha. Shraddha sees Dadi and stops music. Dadi laughs and says I just came. Kiran says we did not see you dancing. Dadi says you dance well. Kiran says with Dhruv’s shirt. Shraddha says no, I was just… Kiran says relax, we came to call you, come. Dhruv comes there. Kiran asks Dhruv to get ready and take the shirt. He asks what. Kiran says take your time and goes. Dhruv asks Shraddha what was Kiran saying. Shraddha says nothing, get ready for party, everyone is waiting. She runs. He smiles and says okay.

Bihaan asks Thapki to get ready. Bihaan sees her and says nice clothes, I mean you look good in this saree, Maa gave really nice clothes. She thanks him. He tries getting her attention so that she sees him once and compliment. He asks her to see once, Maa gave clothes to him as well. She says its fine, not so good and not so bad. He asks what does this mean. Suman comes and asks can she come there. Bihaan welcomes her in cowshed. Suman sees the place and says I did not come to sit here. She brings flowers and asks Thapki to decorate the cowshed also. Suman asks them to celebrate valentines, give gifts to each other and then come in party.

Bihaan gets the rose from the flower box and gives to Thapki. Na na na na …………plays……………. She sees the rose and asks whats this, why are you giving me rose. He says rose is love sign for world, its sign of fight for us. He reminds her their first fight. FB shows Bihaan eating the roses outside her house. He asks her to take the rose. She takes the rose.

He gives her mosquito coil and reminds how he got cough attack when she burnt the coil. She says I remember. He says people celebrate this day with love, we will celebrate it for our fights, so that our fights continue. He gives her gum bottle as their hands stuck one day, and then card box to remind the games. He says I have many memories to give you for years. She says I will not be with you for years. He asks her to take crackers then so that this is around her. She says even I have a gift for you. She keeps those things in her bag and gets a blank paper. She makes a paper gun and reminds how he scared her with gun when they met at Pandey Nivaas. She says this is gift for you for our fights from my side.

Servant comes and says Thapki Bhabhi, Maa ji is calling you. Thapki asks Bihaan to come on time and shows the rose towards him, while he shows the gun towards her. She goes. He says Ghazab…..

Thapki goes to Vasundara and says if Bihaan sees me working then.. Vasundara says don’t worry, this box has a solution, open it. Thapki sees the teddy bear costume and asks whats this Maa. Vasundara says you will be wearing this today in the party. Shraddha smiles. Thapki gets shocked.

Shraddha tells Thapki to do a special work, wear this costume and whoever holds your hand first, you have to kiss on his cheek. Thapki gets shocked.

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