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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Suman and Preeti seeing Thapki making a stove. They plan to stop her. Bihaan sits making the cow feed and gets angry seeing Thapki. Suman applies wax to the matchstick so that it does not light up. She makes Thapki drink water and keeps the matchstick. Dhruv takes interview of a minister. He asks about drinking water problem, and shows reports and figures. The minister gets angry as Dhruv insulted him and says he will stop this channel. The staff asks Dhruv why did he insult the guest, he did not do this ever. Dhruv gets angry.

Preeti sends Bihaan and sees the cow feed he has made. She puts water on the stove Thapki made. Thapki gets the matchbox and goes out. She sees Bihaan there. Thapki is unable light the stick and tells Suman. She says she will get matchbox from neighbors. Suman stops her and says elders will be angry, its day to donate things, not ask anyone, we will get it from market, you prepare the needed items for the dish. Thapki thanks them. Suman and Preeti lock the gate and say they will not get matchbox, Thapki will not be able to go market now.

Diwakar flirts with Aditi and sees the camera. He asks this…. She makes him busy by flirting with him. He says he is marrying Nimmi’s daughter for money, but he loves her. Aditi thinks this proof is enough to show Nimmi. Thapki sees water on the stove and tells Bihaan that she will make Chinese, even when anyone tries to stop her. He looks around and asks cow whom was Thapki talking with. He laughs. Thapki dries the cow dung by the dryer. She asks Diwakar to leave. He asks why. She says my mum came from US. He says he has big respect for rich moms. He leaves.

Thapki makes fresh stove again. She says Suman and Preeti did not come till now. Suman and Preeti sit in their room. They have come inside home from climbing the wall and getting inside. They have a talk about Thapki waiting for them, now they will see how she makes Chinese. They think to open the lock before elders come back. Thapki says I will go market and bring matchbox.

She finds the gate locked and asks that has accomplished this, how will I head to current market now, I must do anything, I m by now late, Dadi has sugar trouble, she will require food items just after she arrives home. She tries breaking the lock by stone. Bihaan seems on and claims this lock received’t split. She climbs the gate. He thinks in which is she going. Bihaan asks her to say he locked the gate, she often thinks He’s Completely wrong, Suman has locked the gate, notify me what to receive. She refuses to just take her aid. He claims listen to me, don’t do this, you’ll fall. She gets hurt.

He asks did she get sprain, did she do circus and stunt. She says I can manage. He asks her to fly and go. She thinks what to go, how will she cook Chinese. She takes stones and tries to ignite the fire. She gets some dry grass. She fails to ignite fire and starts coughing. Bihaan sees her and goes to help. They try to ignite fire and she looks at him.

Bihaan and Thapki argue. He asks her to leave the house right away. She asks what….

Written Update By Sahir


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