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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan how will she get his forgiveness. He holds her hand and says you had fever… She asks fever. He says Preeti told me that you have high fever, so I came here. He leaves her hand and says so you started getting others with you to cheat me. She says no, maybe Preeti told this so that you come home, I just wanted to apologize. She asks why is he so angry, that matter ended, mum has accepted me now, and realized her mistake.

He asks who are you to prove Maa right and wrong. She says if Maa and my relation got well, why can’t our relation…. He asks what relation, shall I say what is our relation, and puts hot wax on his hand, saying this is our relation….. She gets shocked. He asks her to just go, I m just burning every moment since I got you in my life. She cries and asks him not to get angry. He pushes her and she falls. Everyone come home and see Thapki fallen.

They see Thapki fallen near their feet. Bau ji recalls the man’s words and asks Bihaan did he push Thapki. Thapki says no, I fell down as I slipped. Bihaan asks why are you lying, I have made her fall. Dhruv and Shraddha look on.

Bau ji asks where did you learn this, will you raise hand on your wife. Vasundara says I will talk to Bihaan. She asks Bihaan to sit with Sanjay and Ashwin…… Preeti says I thought Bihaan will get happy seeing this, but this went wrong, Thapki don’t cry, everything will be fine. Bihaan says she just know to shed crocodile tears.

Bau ji gets angry. Dadi asks Bau ji to calm down, Bihaan does not have sense. Bihaan says yes, even my fate is bad, that’s why I got Thapki. Bau ji asks Bihaan what are you saying. Vasundara gets tea for Bau ji. Bau ji throws it. Bihaan says Thapki fell like this and put blame on me.

Dhruv says Bau ji, I will talk to her. Bihaan says Dhruv be thankful that I took your problem on my head, you would be regretting if you married her. Dhruv asks him to stop it. Bihaan says I m regretting a lot. Dhruv says stop it Bihaan. Bau ji asks Bihaan what is he saying, did his life get ruined before marrying Thapki, you were nothing, Thapki made you a human, wash her feet and drink that water….. you cheated her and she bears you.

Bau ji says she does not bear me, I m bearing her, since she came in my life, she ruined my life. Everyone get shocked. Bihaan says I did a lot for her, I have apologized to her many times, I fought with everyone for her, I stayed in cowshed, she always taunts me. Bau ji asks him to stop it. Preeti says Thapki did all awesome arrangements to say sorry.

Bihaan says it should all go to hell and even she should go to hell, and throws table. Bau ji gets angry and slaps Bihaan….. Bau ji asks did he go mad…. Bihaan looks at Bau ji and sees Thapki angrily. He asks Thapki is she happy now, as she wanted this, to make dad and son fight, Bau ji slapped me today. Bihaan tells Dhruv that you missed Thapki and got this clever wife Shraddha.

Dhruv asks him to be quiet. Bihaan asks him to slap him too. Bihaan says everyone can’t hear truth, this family such bad bahus. Bau ji scolds him. Thapki cries and asks Bau ji to calm down and stop this, I m wrong, I will leave from here. Bihaan says she always says she will go, and never goes, she stuck to this house as termite, she will make this house fall down.

Bau ji asks Bihaan to stop it and apologize. Bihaan says I can give my life, but not apologize to Thapki, she is not my wife, she is disease for me, I will die but not keep any relation with her. He gets angry and says a lot. Bau ji slaps him and asks him to stop it. Dadi asks Preeti to shut door, neighbors would hear it. Bihaan says no need, they should know how Thapki ruined our house.

Preeti shuts door. Bau ji says I will forget you are my son, stop it. Bihaan says you forgot it, you don’t see my pain, I m not this house’s son, you picked me from road. Bau ji slaps him and says you raised question on our relation. Bihaan says no, you raised question Bau ji by slapping me, that too for this girl, I will not forgive her even if she dies. Vasundara requests Bihaan to stop it. Bau ji says you deserve to be on road.

Bau ji says he does not respect women and proved he does not deserve to be here. Bihaan says Thapki cheated me, still she is good and innocent. Bau ji says I know who is good and bad, Thapki is very good. Bihaan says she is Mata Rani, and asks Thapki to wear crown, he will make temple for her. Bau ji says I will kill you Bihaan and holds his collar. Everyone try to stop her. Thapki sees this and cries. She recalls Bau ji and Bihaan’s sweet relation. Thapki pyaar ki……plays……………

Dhruv asks Bihaan to come with him. Vasundara takes Bau ji and makes him sit. Bau ji says throw Bihaan out. Bihaan says fine, throw me in junk. Dhruv locks Bihaan in room. Thapki cries. Bihaan fumes. Bau ji says I did big mistake bringing you at home. Bihaan breaks the family pic and asks Bau ji to rectify mistake, throw me out and stay with Thapki.

Bihaan says I did not see Thapki’s true face, she ruined my life. Bau ji gets angry and goes to Bihaan again. He asks Bihaan to come with him, and slaps him again. Bihaan falls down. Everyone look on shocked. Bau ji says I will kill you. Bihaan says fine, take my life, who stopped me, kill me. Bau ji cries and says Bihaan you ended everything today, I heard upbringing is bigger than birth, you proved my upbringing wrong, you stained the name which I gave you. Bihaan cries and stares at Thapki.

Bau ji holds his chest and falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan with the knife. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do. They all rush Bau ji to hospital.

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