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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th November 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

Thapki taking Bihaan’s side. Aditi leaves with Diwakar. Thapki goes to room and cries. She sees Lord idol and says Diwakar is punishing my family, do bad with me, not them. Bihaan comes there and sees her crying. He tries to cheer her up and looks for his phone. He throws her clothes and bag, and makes her angry. He asks her to keep her bag on side. She says it was on side, shall I keep it outside. She argues with him. She rings his phone and its his in pocket. He says he forgets things. She says you don’t forget to trouble me, that you always remember. She goes from the room. He smiles.

Suman and Preeti talk to Dadi about burning crackers. Preeti says they have to do puja and then burn crackers. Bau ji says they won’t do diwali puja today, as Thapki’s family is very sad today. They are also part of their family, we can’t celebrate. Vasundara says happiness and sorrow are part of life.

Shraddha and her father arrive and ask why they received’t celebrate Diwali. Thapki states Bau ji was expressing another thing. We are going to rejoice diwali, and asks Bau ji. Bau ji agrees on her indicating, and says its Thapki’s to start with diwali On this property. Shraddha claims mine as well. Vasundara suggests you completed our spouse and children. Vasundara tells about a ritual in their residence, Absolutely everyone donates their fav matter, they Be aware the name Which point on envelop, and then we see the notes just after puja. Shraddha smiles. Vasundara states then we retain that matter in weighing machine and equate it with grains, then donate the two, point and grains. Shraddha states its intriguing. Vasundara asks them to prepare for puja. Dadi asks them to obtain the matters for donating.

Vasundara goes to storeroom and sees cycles. She remembers Balwinder gifting cycles to Dhruv and Bihaan. She says she will be able to’t give absent nearly anything linked to Dhruv and takes Bihaan’s cycle for donating. All people do puja and preserve the notes. Dadi asks Bihaan and Thapki to complete puja. Bihaan asks Dadi to do. Vasundara sends Bihaan. Bihaan and Thapki do puja with each other. Dadi tells Vasundara that Bihaan and Thapki will come to be like Ram and Sita. Vasundara laughs in coronary heart.

Diwakar asks for sweets and tells Poonam to try and do puja shortly. He laughs as light goes. Vasundara asks Shraddha to try and do aarti with Dhruv, as she will turn into her bahu. Dhruv won’t come forward and Shraddha looks at him.

Bau ji reads the note that Bihaan will donate Thapki and scolds him. Bihaan says I did not write it. Thaoki says I m ready to sit on weighing machine.

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