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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki taking help from Shraddha to keep Dhruv away her date with Bihaan. Shraddha dresses her Thapki and leaves. Dhruv rushes for home and is angry. Bihaan knocks the door. Thapki opens the door and he gets surprised seeing the decorations. She asks him to come, and they cut the cake. Ranjhana……….plays…………. They feed the cake to each other. Bihaan and Thapki dance on a romantic song Itni si baat hai………… They hug and smile. They close eyes and hold each other.

Dhruv is on the way. Bihaan says Thapki, this is the best day of my life, no one has done this for me, its special day for me, I will always remember this. Thapki says you know Bihaan, this life’s every day will get special for me, you are with me, thanks for your love and support, shall we have food now. He feeds her food. Dhruv comes there and stares at them angrily.

Bihaan says Dhruv, come, see the surprise by Thapki, she arranged everything in this room. Thapki says this room has our many memories, would there be any better place for our date. Bihaan says no, and gifts her diamond earrings. She smiles. He says its small gift from my side. Dhruv recalls he also gifted earrings to Thapki. She asks Bihaan to make her wear the beautiful earrings. Bihaan makes her wear the earrings. They smile. Dhruv recalls how Thapki has throw earrings on him.

Bihaan says Ghazab, it looks like these earrings are made for you. She says don’t know, but you are made for me. He says and you are made on me. He gets his friend’s call and goes out to talk. Thapki says I told you Dhruv, you will be helpless now. She asks him to have Bihaan and her love relation cake. She leaves. Dhruv gets angry.

Later, Dhruv comes to Thapki. She asks what happened, could you not lose, did you come to blackmail me with this DVD. He says you said I will be helpless, how will I trouble you, this is that DVD by which I threatened you. He breaks the DVD and says I realize my mistake, forgive me, now nothing wrong will happen. She asks whats this new drama now. He says its true, I accept your and my fate’s decision, you are just made for Bihaan. She says whatever you did with me, I can’t do anything than hating you. He says fine, there is one way to make you believe me, tell my truth to Bihaan, I will call Bihaan. He calls out Bihaan to come there. Bihaan comes and asks what happened, you here. Dhruv says yes, Thapki wants to tell you something about yours and her marriage. Thapki says I wanted to tell Bihaan to take her to kuldevi temple after marriage as she had kept a mannat. Bihaan agrees and goes as Bau ji calls him. Thapki tells Dhruv that she did not wish to break Bihaan’s trust on him, but she can’t trust him. He says I will show you by becoming your friend, not enemy. He turns and smiles. He leaves.

Shraddha tells Thapki that Dhruv is behaving opposite. Thapki says he apologized and said he realized his mistake. Shraddha says I doubt, he will do something. Thapki says he can’t make me and Bihaan away. Its morning, everyone talk about playing a game. Preeti asks for her standard of her game. Dhruv suggests dumb charades. Dadi asks for Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan joins them and asks her to make a team. They make the teams. Dadi says this is injustice, as Thapki’s team has less members. Dhruv says I won’t go there, I don’t want groom and bride to lose. Bihaan asks him to come. Dhruv sits with Thapki and says sorry, I did not wish to come between you guys. She asks him to focus on game. Preeti says Bihaan and Thapki are awesome couple, so we will play this game in awesome way. She says whoever comes here will choose an alphabet and choose a difficult word, the person has do acting and team has to guess that work, Vasundara is coming first. Vasundara chooses a word and acts. Bau jii guesses right. Preeti’s team gets one point. Bihaan says this is called husband and wife’s tuning. Dadi says husband and wife should have friendship. Thapki goes from her team and chooses alphabet B. Suman says Bihaan will say it. Sanjay says yes, their tuning is not less. Thapki acts for her team. Preeti asks Bihaan what happened to his tuning. Dhruv guesses and messages Bihaan. Preeti’s team starts counting. Bihaan checks Dhruv’s message and says B for Bihaan Pandey. They all clap. Suman says Bihaan and Thapki know each other well. Bihaan looks at Dhruv. Thapki smiles seeing Bihaan.

Thapki goes to meet Dhruv and Bihaan sees her, thinking whom is Thapki meeting at this time in night. He sees Dhruv with Thapki.

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