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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki hiding under the bed. Kosi goes. He asks what do you think, we are under the bed. She reminds him why they are hiding. They get the license papers. She says we can’t tear it, its illegal. He says I m not tearing this, see what I do of this now.

Vasundara sits praying in the ashram. Bau ji meets her and says I need you to come back with me, my past has come back, which I left much behind, Kosi Devi. Vasundara opens eyes and looks at him.

Bihaan and Thapki hide and see Sankara coming. Sankara gets newspapers to put in fire. Bihaan collides with her and newspapers fall. He picks newspapers and puts license papers in it. He gives her papers, and Sankara smiles. He asks her to go now. Bihaan winks to Thapki. Sankara gives newspapers to Naman. He adds the newspapers in the fire. He also puts the license papers in the fire. Bihaan and Thapki smile. Naman says whats this paper, its license. He scolds Sankara. Bihaan asks Naman to clear this stuff, else he will call police. Naman gets angry.

Shraddha gets water in tap. Suman and Preeti ask her is she surprised to see water instead wine. Bihaan and Thapki come to room, and go to get some cure for mosquitoes. Sankara smiles and puts cow dung on the walls. Bihaan asks what did you do. Sankara says now mosquitoes will not come, sleep well. She leaves. Bihaan says what shall I do of them.

Preeti thinks its mehendi and dips hand. Sankara says its cow dung and jokes on Preeti. She laughs. Preeti gets annoyed. Kosi asks Sankara how did license get burnt. Sankara says I did not tell them, Bihaan and Thapki were asking where is license and I did not tell them. Kosi scolds and kicks her far. Thapki holds Sankara and asks how can you do this, Sankara is your bahu. She argues. Sankara says don’t argue with Kosimaa, she can even break my hand. Thapki says this is called humanity, she is still favoring you. Kosi asks you want to see humanity, and takes a woolen thread ball.

Kosi throws the ball and makes Sankara get it. She says Sankara is senseless like an animal, and this is how she deals with her. Thapki says this won’t work here, we treat animals as humans here, you can’t treat humans as animals here. Kosi asks really and raises hand on Thapki. Vasundara holds Kosi’s hand and stops her. She asks how dare you raise hand on Thapki, she is my bahu. Kosi says you are still the same, same looks and attitude, where were you, I thought you have run away giving everything to your bahu, so we got this house so easily.

Vasundara scolds her and throws the ball on her box. She says now I have come, my bahus are not alone, we will break you now all together. Kosi says I m scared, will you make me leave. Vasundara says yes, we will make you leave, no outsider can come and stay here. Kosi reminds who is she. Thapki gets thinking. Kosi says I will remind you. Vasundara says no need to remind me, you won’t stay here for long time. Kosi laughs. Vasundara takes hair pin and cuts Kosi’s name from the chair angrily. She says now anyone can’t illegally take the place.

Vasundara says I trusted Thapki, what did Thapki go, where are house keys. She takes keys and says I will manage now.

Written Update by Amena

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