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Thapki Pyaar Ki 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Shraddha getting shocked seeing the chor stamped on her forehead. She asks Lord what did you do, I asked for the stamp on Thapki’s hand, you did this me. She gets angry. Thapki says its enough now Bihaan. He says fine, and keeps food plate aside. He cleans her face. Na na na na……….plays………… He says I m going now, you sleep, I will come till evening. He leaves. She rests and gets up saying Maa told me to make kitchen items list. She is unable to write, and thinks to make list later after resting for a while. She sleeps.

Shraddha washes her face and wishes the mark goes. The mark does not go. She blames Thapki for this and says I will not leave her. She thinks I can’t go out, I can hide this mark by makeup, but Thapki can’t hide the mark on her hand. Diwakar puts his pic in laptop. Aditi asks how dare he touch her laptop. He says I was doing some work and gives her laptop. She says he maybe doing something again, and checks laptop. She thinks what is his new plan now. Shraddha comes to Thapki to apply the stamp and says see how she is sleeping after getting that injection. She says I will do my work before anyone comes. She gets that stamp and it gets printed wrong. She thinks how did it get printed wrong, I did this wrong. Thapki turns and Shraddha bends to hide. The mark comes on her cheek as well. She gets Lord what is he doing today, the mark came on cheek too. She hides her face and leaves. She comes to room and says I had to insult that Thapki and all this came on me. She thinks what to do, this mark will not go anyhow, I can hide this forehead mark by pallu, how to cover this cheek mark, this will be so insulting. Vasundara calls out Shraddha and comes there. Shraddha hides her face with long ghunghat. Vasundara asks whats this. Shraddha shows her face. Vasundara gets shocked and asks whats this, Chor.. Shraddha says its wrong, Lord is supporting wrong people these days, how to hide this, someone is coming, tell me. Vasundara asks her to get inside blanket and rest.

Dhruv comes there to his room and says Maa, you here. Vasundara says yes, Shraddha is unwell. He asks what happened to her. She says she caught cold. He says she took immunity injection, Shraddha get up, I will take her to doctor. Shraddha says no need, mummy ji is with me. Vasundara says I will take care of her. He says fine. I will bring medicines. He leaves. Vasundara says there is some way, but you won’t like it. Shraddha asks her to say.

Bihaan comes and asks Thapki to get up, have medicines. She gets up and asks why this medicine. He says because your hand is numb, have medicine and make tea for me. She says it means you got medicines to get tea. He says yes, don’t think I care for you. She takes medicines. He asks whats this sign on your hand. She says don’t know, maybe pen ink leaked on my hand. He asks what were you doing. She says I was seeing accounts. He asks what, show me I will see. She takes the notepad. He asks why are you acting as if I caught you doing wrong. She says its wrong to see other’s things, I m staying here in cowshed, it does not mean you will always do what you want. He says fine, you are strange and goes.

Dhruv tells Dadi that its cold weather, its good you wore shawl. Dadi says yes, Shraddha caught cold. Suman says Shraddga is weak. Preeti and Suman argue. Dhruv says I will give medicines to Shraddha. Vasundara says no need, I got Shraddha here. Shraddha comes wearing the monkey cap. Preeti and Suman laugh seeing her and call her monkey.

Dhruv gives medicines to Shraddha. Suman says Shraddha does not take care, see she is wearing monkey cap, but with sleeveless blouse, why this fashion. Dadi gives her shawl to Shraddha. Shraddha thanks her and is irritated to look an oldie. She thinks all this is happening because of Thapki. Sanjay and Ashwin joke on Shraddha. Vasundara asks them not to joke. Bau ji asks what did they get. Sanjay says Bihaan used to get our fav icecreams, we got kulfis as he is not here. Bau ji and Dadi miss Bihaan, and Vasundara reacts asking them not to spoil moods recalling Bihaan. She says we should have kulfi. Shraddha says kulfi is my fav. Suman says you have cold, just take medicines.

Shraddha eats the kulfi standing in balcony. Bihaan sees her and says Ghazab, she is wearing monkey cap and having icecream, there is something fishy, I have to find out. He throws the flower pot and she gets shocked. She goes to check and says who broke this pot. Bihaan scares her and laughs. She says you did this. He says I wanted to call you here, is this new fashion. She says yes, you don’t know anything about fashion. He says English, it means you are doing something wrong. She says wrong happened with me, I caught cold. He says you were hiding and eating icecream, will you say or shall I make you say. She asks what, I said it., he says fine, there is cockroach in your cap. She screams and removes the cap. He sees the stamp marks and says Chor… He smiles.

Dhaani, Thapki and Simar Trishakti promo is shown.

Written Update By Amena


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