Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th September 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha coming home. John helps her getting the bag and asks her about her dad. She thinks I had to be with John and had to go home. She asks him to have modak, dad has got Ganpati at home. She feeds him modak. He thanks her. She says you can continue game now. He says I was playing game to de-stress myself as there is much tension at home. Shraddha says yes, Suman told me. He goes. Suman and Preeti see Shraddha and ask her why did she feed John by her hand. Shraddha feeds them by her hand and asks them to see devotion.

The man announces about the last round of Ganesh Utsav competition between Pandey and Jaiswal family, we have got idols of Shiv-Parvati, Riddhi-Siddhi and Ganesh ji, which are hidden in box, the family which guesses the right idol with the hidden coin will win. Both the teams try to find the idols. Kosi gets an idea. She goes and bribes the man, to ask where did he keep boxes. The man tells her the place. She gets the box. Bihaan comes there and says Maa you found this box so soon. She says I m Maa and I know everything, Ganesh ji has come and told me everything. She checks the box and then puts lock on the other locker. She fixes Ganesh ji photo over the locker.

Shraddha tries to help John. She says I will get ice for you. She puts ice in his tshirt and says sorry, I did not know how did this happen, I will remove it. He says its okay, I will manage, I will have warm water. They talk about interesting competition at home. She says you guys deserve to win. He says you are in Pandey team and should not say this, I want everyone to stay together and happy. She says I also wanted to say this, you also stay here, I don’t like anyone leaving home. He says that means we think alike. He goes. She says I don’t care who stays at home and who does not, I just want you John.

Suman, Preeti, Thapki and everyone look for the box. Vasundara prays to Ganesh ji. Thapki says I don’t think idols are in this room, come we will go. Thapki sees the Ganesh photo frame tilted and goes to place it right. Preeti sees the lockers behind and shouts Thapki. Vasundara asks what happened. Preeti removes the frame and shows locker.

Vasundara says we will get keys here and checks drawer. Thapki asks Ganpati to show the way, where are the keys. Vasundara says we won’t get keys, Kosi has hidden keys. Thapki recalls Bihaan teaching her to open lock with hairpin. Suman says how will lock open without key. Thapki says I know and gets hairpin. She opens the locks. They all get glad and clap. Thapki gets the box. They find the idols. John also shows the idols to everyone. Kosi moves the idols and tries to guess in which idol is the coin. Bihaan says we can’t break idol, its against rules. Sankara says we will lose this way.

Preeti says we don’t know in which idol is the coin. Thapki says we don’t have to lose, else we have to pay a big price, I will come in a minute. She goes and gets a tape recorder speaker magnet and tests the idols for the coin. She tells them that the magnet will show the coin. She finds the coin idol. Vasundara hugs her and asks Thapki to go and tell the organizers, they will win. Kosi hears them. Thapki comes out and tells Kosi that we found out in which idol is the coin hidden, we won. Kosi says I know this, you know this, but they do not. She drops her idol, which Thapki catches. Kosi takes her idol and says now this coin idol is mine.

Thapki says you are cheating, give it to me. Kosi says behave yourself, if you argue, I will throw and break this, it will be abshagun and we both won’t win. She rushes to the organizer and says this idol has coin, I have won. The man gets the coin from it and shows the result. The man announces that Pandey family who wins every year did not win this year, Jaiswal family is the winner this year. Kosi gets glad and hugs Bihaan. Bihaan and Pandey family get shocked. The man asks Kosi Devi to come on stage and accept the winner’s trophy. Kosi smiles and receives the trophy. Everyone clap.

Vasundara asks Thapki how did you lose, it means you got away from Thapki forever. The man says this year, Ganesh utsav competition ends here, we will meet you all next year. The guests leave. Thapki cries. Kosi shows the trophy to Bihaan. Naman says now we have won and now Thapki has to leave this house as per her promise, so pack your bags Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other. Kosi stops Thapki and says this is difference between your and my love for Bihaan, you did not see his love and was leaving, my motherly love stopped you, wait for some time till Ganesh ji is at home, you can go after visarjan, Bihaan’s heart will get firm till then. She takes Bihaan and goes. Vasundara consoles Thapki. Thapki leaves.

Thapki puts sindoor box and talks to Ganesh ji. She cries and says you knew it was necessary for me to stay with Bihaan, now I have to leave him. Vasundara says Maa gets hurt before child gets hurt, even if you try to hide your tears from me, I will cry. She asks Lord how much will he test Thapki, I lost a son and now I m going to lose a Devi type bahu, don’t do this, if I ever did something good in my life, stop this. Thapki and Vasundara hug and cry.

Kosi comes and asks did your drama start, Ganesh ji is leaving and won’t listen to your prayers, Ganesh and Thapki’s visarjan will happen. She asks them to come. Bihaan takes the idol for visarjan. Everyone go along. Kosi, Bau ji and Vasundara, Bihaan and Thapki do the aarti of Ganesh ji. Bihaan and Thapki see each other. Kosi smiles seeing the memory chip in Ganesh’s idol’s feet. Naman says we will do eco friendly visarjan of Ganesh ji. Kosi asks them to do it soon, as Thapki has to go. Kosi thinks Thapki will also immerse this memory card along with Ganesh idol. Thapki cries.

Kosi asks Thapki not to cry, win and lose happens, don’t know will you get chance again or not. Bihaan and Thapki take idol to immerse in water. Kosi asks Sankara to take Bihaan and Thapki’s pic, Thapki can see pic and her sorrow can get less, its not a small thing that relation ends. Sankara takes their pic. Bihaan and Thapki immerse the idol. Kosi gets relieved seeing the card immersing along. Thapki cries.

Shraddha is at home and says thank God, I did not go for visarjan, I would have got bored. She tells John that she is playing his fav game, and crossed next level. He asks are you okay to play game, when there is so much tension at home. She says when my dad got unwell, I took much tension, doctor says I can get unwell by stress, I saw you playing this game to lessen stress, so I thought to play this game, I can’t see anyone in sorrow. She holds him. He says don’t cry, take care of yourself, everything will be fine. Suman sees Shraddha. John goes. Suman asks Shraddha whats happening, tell me. Shraddha says our Thapki is going, what will we do now, how to stop her. Suman says just Bihaan can stop her. Shraddha says yes, have faith is God, everything will be fine.

Thapki packs her bag. Bihaan comes and asks what did you get doing this, I told you are doing wrong and misunderstanding my family, you went too far and I could not stop you holding your hand, strangers have hurt me, why did you hurt me. She asks did I punish you, I got punished by your Kosi Maa. He says you are blaming her again, you are responsible for this, you are doubting her since she came here, you are going away from me, are you happy now.

She asks happiness, you read eyes right, then…… He holds her against the door and asks what shall I read, my eyes are blindfold and I could not read Pandey family truth, same way you could not see Kosi’s truth, so you are going away, there is still time, I m with you, apologize to Kosi, her heart is big, she will forgive you. She asks if I ask you to apologize to Pandey family, who raised you till now. He says fine, I will drop you outside house now.

He drags her downstairs and asks her to leave, if she can live without him, he can also love without her, my relations cheated me, you made relation with me recently, go Thapki and prove that those people are important for you, who do not mean to me now, prove that our relation was just a cheat, prove that Lord did not make our pairing, go, I will not stop you. Thapki and Bihaan cry. She takes her bag and gets leaving. Vasundara stops Thapki. Thapki says no Maa, I accepted this challenge and I have to leave, because I can’t cheat.

Bau ji says even we can’t cheat and be unfair to you, we will also leave this house and come with you. He tells Vasundara that he will go with Thapki. Vasundara, Suman and Preeti also agree to leave. Thapki says no one will come with me, if you all leave, who will see Bihaan, be with him, you all won’t come with me, else I will fall weak.

Thapki sees Bihaan and cries. Main raahon………….plays……….. Bihaan cries and goes upstairs. Thapki recalls their moments, marriage and togetherness. Sankara stops Thapki and says I told you, we will stay together, but you did not agree, don’t worry, I will take care of Bihaan and not let him miss you. She asks him to take the phone, it has visarjan photos, you can see Bihaan’s pics in it, he won’t be with you, you can see his pic whenever you like. She asks Thapki to take care and goes. Thapki checks pics and cries seeing Bihaan’s pic.

Thapki zooms and sees the memory card in Ganpati’s idol feet. She says it’s the same memory card.

Written Update by Amena

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