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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan seeing the recording. She says it means some third person was also there. He says that man has stabbed Bau ji. She takes that CD. Bihaan recalls that and gets angry. She asks him to come fast. They see the watchman outside and divert him by throwing a glass. They leave from there. Vasundara does puja and gives aarti to everyone. She asks Shraddha to take blessings for herself and baby. Dhruv and Vasundara take Bau ji to his room.

Shraddha looks around and says where did Bihaan and Thapki go, they were doing drama to come in puja, I have to find out. She goes to their room and says they are not here. She calls inspector and informs that Bihaan and Thapki have run away. Bihaan and Thapki are on the way. Bihaan recalls what happened with Bau ji. Thapki asks him not to worry, they will get real culprit caught by this proof. Some goons follow them. The goons surround them. Bihaan shows his heroic style and fights with them, while Thapki hides the CD. The man tries taking CD from here. Bihaan stops the man and beats him.

Police comes there and stops Bihaan. Bihaan pushes the inspector. The goons run away. Inspector gets angry and says how dare you beat me. Thapki says no sorry, Bihaan was beating goons. Bihaan says yes, I thought its goon. Inspector says you are a big goon. Thapki says no, we have the proof of Bihaan’s innocence, check it once. Inspector arrests Bihaan. Thapki gets worried.

Vasundara gives Prasad to everyone. Thapki comes home. The ladies give good wishes for Bau ji. Thapki goes to play the CD. Shraddha looks on and follows Thapki. Thapki sees the CD is loading and goes to call everyone. Vasundara and Dhruv have a talk. Dhruv says Bihaan slapped inspector, he got arrested, don’t know whats happening. Vasundara says its good, let me be in jail. Thapki says no, Bihaan is not wrong. Dhruv asks whats this, you are still supporting Bihaan. Thapki says I have proof against the real culprit, I m saying truth, I want to show you all.

She says I have the proof, just come with me. Vasundara refuses to see anything. Dadi says we will see if Thapki is saying true or lie. They all go with Thapki. Thapki shows the CD loading and asks them to see what happened that night. The error message flashes on screen. Thapki gets shocked. Thapki checks CD and says I m saying truth, this had our society CCTV footage, it was seen clearly that someone else has stabbed Bau ji. Dhruv says your eyes are just seeing wrong, I regret. Vasundara says no, she also deserves punishment for supporting Bihaan. She scolds Thapki and asks her to say anything in court, tomorrow no one can stop Bihaan from getting punished. Suman thinks Thapki is not lying. They all leave. Thapki cries and says what happened to the CD, how did it get spoiled, maybe while fighting with those goons, I had just one way to save Bihaan, what will I show in court tomorrow, what will I tell Bihaan about the CD?

Shraddha took that CD. She says if anyone saw this, Bihaan would have got saved, Thapki would have become star again, I will not let Thapki get close to Dhruv and Vasundara, sorry Bihaan, this proof will be finished now. She takes CD to break it.

Written Update by Amena

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