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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th April 2016 Written Update

Episode starts with Vasu and Thapki. Thapki tells Vasu that Shradha did all this but Vasu says she cannot even imagine such a thing. Thapki says that she will prove shradha wrong in 24 hrs becoz she played on Maa’s jaan

In Kitchen Shradha claps for Thapki as she was succesfull in saving Vasu. They have a war of words. Thapki says that she will be exposed blah blah blah and Shradha gives her ususal dhamki Thapki is mad that she played on maa’s life

Aditi throws diwaker’s suitcase. He begs her falling on his knees to not throw them out. Police arrives and threatens Aditi to make them stay [ So Sorry guys forgot abt this scene]

At the table everyone is loving the food Shradha made. Thapki tricks Shradha into agreeing to make cake the following day. Vasu notices that Thapki has something in mind. Bihan asks for Sabji and Thapki eagerly tries to serve him but she gets BJKT becoz he serves it himself. Dadima notices and asks them to go for a reception together. Bihan is mad but Thapki is worried

On road Bihan is driving the bike fast. Thapki accidently holds his shoulder and Ranjha bg. Dadima’s call comes and Thapki asks Bihan to slow down but he doesnt and increases the speed. Thapki shouts at him and he abruptly brakes. she falls on him and looks at him longingly [I think] Ranjha plays. Thapki gets down and before she could finish that she wont go with him he leaves.

Thapki says he wont leave her for sure and Bihan comes back only to say that he is not the old Bighan and goes. Thapki is followed by dogs and she is scared. Goons come in Bike and is scaring her . Humara Hero enters in his car and comes to Thapki. Thapki goes to him and he slowly pulls her to his back and looks at the goons angrily [I think ]. Goons get scred of Dhruv Pandey and leaves

At home Bihan is shouting on the phone worried for Thapki. Dhruv comes with Thapki and shouts at him. Thapki defends Bihan . Dhruv warns him and leaves. Bihan comes to Thapki that he left her purposefully and that he wont stand with her anymore and that he hates her. Thapki is crying. Dhruv hears all this and is SMILING. He says Shradha might have had some mu abt thahaan

Precap- Thapki fools Shradha into thinking that microwave will blast love this Thapki.

Written Update by Lachu

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