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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17 October 2015 Written Update

Dhruv asking Bihaan about belongings. Bihaan lies to him. Dhruv hugs him emotionally. Bihaan smiles. Dhruv says don’t take any such risks in future and asks him to take rest. Krishnakant does pooja at home and suddenly everyone hears songs loudly. Aditi comes out and stops the playing recorder. Diwakar argues with her and asks her why did she stop him from playing songs. Aditi leaves and Diwakar again starts playing songs. Vasundara makes preparations for the pooja. Suman and Preeti comes there by applying mehendi in their hands.

Vasundara asks Thapki is she keeping fast for Bihaan. Thapki says she won’t. Dadi says its ok, if you don’t want keep fast. Vasundara asks Dadi why you let Thapki not to keep fast, Dadi says God will make them together, leave on God.

Preeti says she has not stitch fall to Vasundara’s saree and thapki says she will stitch the fall. Thapki gets her lip hurt by the needle while stitching, Bihaan comes and applies antiseptic cream to Thapki’s lips. Thapki takes cream from Bihaan ask Bihaan not to interfere. Bihaan leaves.
Vasundara shows sarees to Dadi. Dadi sees the red saree and asks whose saree is this. Vasundara says I have brought this saree for Thapki. Thapki brings fall stitch saree to Vasundara. Dadi a sees thapki’s lips and asks about the mark. Thapki says it happened while stitching. Dadi asks Thapki to eat sweets, her lip pain will heal soon.

Dadi says to Vasundara that God is offering indications that Thapki and Bihaan will likely be with each other as from early morning Thapki hasn’t eaten anything. Vasundara asks Dadi why did she requested Thapki to take in sweets.

Dadi suggests she has despatched sweets to Thapki as Lord will demonstrate some way for Bihaan and Thapki. Thapki seems within the sweets and sees ants all around the sweets. Ants commences coming around the Thapki’s hand. Ants starts biting Thapki and she will get restless. Bihaan will come there and appears on Thapki shockingly. Bihaan brings newspaper and lits fire to it. The ants run away. Thapki gets underneath the net and Bihaan also receives in that can help her. He holds her hand and they’ve an eye lock. Dadi tells Vasundara that this auspicious day of karvachauth will deliver a different commence in Thapki and Bihaan’s daily life.

Police comes to arrest Bihaan as he did marriage in opposition to Thapki’s want. Bihaan, Thapki and everybody get stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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