Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th September 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki teaching dance steps to Suman and Preeti. Ek dusre se karte…….. plays……… They get tired and ask for water. Thapki goes to get water for them. Vasundara asks them what are they doing, you know how much this competition matters to Thapki and us, it will be like losing life, we can’t lose Thapki and Bihaan, you have to decide now. Suman says don’t worry, we will work hard and not lose. Preeti says yes, don’t worry, we will practice well and win. Bihaan rehearses with Kosi, Sankara, John and Naman. They play Dandiya and dance.

Kosi finds him disturbed and asks what happened, your focus is not here. He says nothing. She says fine, we will lose and leave from here, you stay with Thapki, I want your happiness, nothing else. Bihaan says we will try again. Kosi asks Sankara to dance with him. Naman says dance by heart. Everyone get tired and sit. Bihaan and Sankara continue. Thapki comes there and sees Bihaan dancing with Sankara.

Sankara gets hurt by dandiya sticks. Bihaan holds her hand and says sorry, I did not do this intentionally. Thapki looks on. Kosi sees Thapki seeing them and getting jealous. She smiles. Bihaan and Sankara see Thapki standing far and seeing them. Bihaan leaves Sankara’s hand. He goes. Sankara smiles. Kosi thinks now see what happens tomorrow.

Vasundara, Bau ji, Suman and Preeti practice. Thapki comes with water. Suman says we will show the steps, we will win. Thapki thinks of Bihaan dancing with Sankara, and stops. Suman asks what are you doing. Thapki says sorry and her focus gets divided by Bihaan’s thoughts. She falls down. They make her get up. Vasundara asks you are thinking about Bihaan right, he stood against us, with a big challenge, we all are with you.

Thapki talks to Dadi and says I have to be with Bihaan, they will do something wrong with Bihaan, everything will be fine. Dadi smiles.

Next day, the second round starts at Pandey house. The lady announces dance competition between Jaiswal and Pandey families. She calls Jaiswal family first. Bihaan and Jaiswal family get on the stage, and perform on Ek dusre se karte…….. Thapki and everyone get shocked. Suman says they have taken our son. Vasundara says if we perform on same song, we will get disqualified, what will we do now. Thapki worries. Everyone clap for Jaiswal family.

Vasundara goes to scold Kosi. Kosi says I worked hard on this song. Thapki stops Vasundara. Kosi says we did what we wanted, I will see what you do to win. Thapki and Bihaan see each other. Vasundara says Kosi did bad thing to win. Preeti says even Bihaan supported her. Thapki says don’t take his name, he does not know what he is doing. Suman says Bihaan should know what his mum does, all bad things.

Thapki says the more Kosi tries to break us, we will unite, that’s out biggest victory, we have to get Bihaan. Preeti asks on which song will we dance now. The lady says its Pandey family turn now. Vasundara says what will we do now. Thapki sees Ganesh idol. Thapki says Maa, we will do same thing which the world does on Ganesh Visarjan, we will dance freely. They all pray to Ganesh ji. Pandey family performs on Ganpati Bappa Morya…..Thapki plays dhol and keeps it aside. They all dance with full energy.

Bihaan smiles seeing Thapki. Naman tells Kosi that we failed this time also, you have stolen their song, I don’t think we can win, shall we pack bags. Kosi says their bags will be packed, I won’t let them win. Naman asks what will you do. Kosi says I did it already, and thinks how she removes screws and wooden sticks to make wooden stage break. She asks him to see what happens. The stage starts breaking. Thapki throws the flowers around. Preeti and Ashwin fall down as part of the stage breaks. Everyone get shocked.

Vasundara asks how did this happen. Bau ji asks did you get hurt. Preeti says not much. The lady asks them to wait for results. Judges decide. The lady says Pandey family did best dance, Pandey family should become winner, but performance should complete according to rules, which could not happen, so Jaiswal family is winner. Kosi gets glad and hugs John and Bihaan, saying we won. The lady says Pandey family still have a chance, there is last round tomorrow, both families will compete, we have to see which family wins Ganesh utsav competition, Pandey family or Jaiswal family. Bihaan and Thapki see each other and recall her words.

Naman tells Kosi that they will kick out Thapki. Kosi says John will get Bihaan’s kidney and then Bihaan will die.

Written Update by Amena

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