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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Thapki talking to Vasundara. Vasundara blesses her to get all the happiness of the world, and says Shraddha is taking care of me well. Suman and Preeti argue, and then think to fight with Thapki, as she got Vasundara’s place. Shraddha is angry and says I won’t let Vasundara touch the laddoos. She goes to storeroom to get Vasundara’s bag. She sees all the clothes torn by the rats and thinks what to do now. Vasundara comes there and sees Shraddha.

Vasundara sees her clothes and asks what did you do this. Shraddha says you can wear my sarees, but I have give my sarees for dry cleaning, I will go to market and buy new sarees for you, I will take auto. Vasundara says you can’t go out in this state, check if there is any old saree at home. Shraddha says sorry, I will check. She thinks this happened for good, this was my plan.

Dadi asks Thapki to call someone to extract honey from the bee hive. Thapki says Maa has all the numbers in her phone, I will call her. Dadi says leave it. They go. Suman and Preeti look on, and smile to do this work, and rise in Dadi’s eyes. They cover themselves with blankets and try to go close by throwing stone at them. The bees fly and they both run home. A bee after them and they try to get saved. Suman gets a box to catch the bee. Preeti thanks and hugs her for saving her life. All the bees come there. They scream and run away.

Everyone come there and run seeing the bees. They all get seated in the car, and bees surround them. Shraddha gives the old saree of the maid. She smiles and enjoys Vasundara’s helplessness. She says I m sorry, I did not get any saree, let me go to market to get saree for you. Vasundara says let it be, I will wear this. Shraddha says its your wish and goes. Vasundara calls home to get some of her clothes at Shraddha’s place. Everyone is inside the car, and no one receives call on landline. She recalls Bau ji’s words, and does not call him. She sees the maid’s saree and cries.

Everyone think what to do, how to leave from home. Thapki sees the bee Suman caught, and says the bees are after us because of this bee. She frees that bee and all the bees leave. Everyone look on. Thapki says I heard queen bee always keeps family united, and when the queen bee gets away, the family breaks, all the bees came here for the queen bee, strangely this is happening with us too, Vasundara is the queen of our family. Dhruv, Dadi, Bau ji, Bihaan and everyone understand. Dhruv gets angry. They all get down the car and go home. Bihaan and Thapki see each other. Bihaan says no one is realizing Maa is not here. She asks him to wait for some time. He says I can’t live without Maa, I miss her. She says I also miss her since I heard her sad voice. He asks why did you not tell me, why was she sad. She says Maa did not say me anything.

Vasundara wears the maid’s saree. She recalls how she made Thapki dress in maid’s clothes and made her work. She recalls Dadi’s words and cries, saying Dadi said right, this is the result of my deeds, I made Thapki a maid, and today I m wearing maid’s clothes.

Thapki screams seeing a gorilla in her room. She faints. Gorilla holds her.

Written Update by Amena

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