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Thapki Pyaar Ki 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Diwakar trying to get snacks and saying its kept so high. Aditi looks on and says you are short by height and thinking too. Aditi argues with Diwakar and his parents. He asks them to leave from her house, else Diwakar will get them insulted. She says you made Diwakar such creep. Diwakar raises hand on her shouting Aditi… Thapki holds his hand. Thapki and Bihaan look on angrily.

Thapki gives him a tight slap. She says this one was to blackmail my sister and marrying her. She slaps again and says this one to raise hand on my sister. Krishnakant and Poonam also look on. Thapki scolds Diwakar. She says Aditi, mum and dad told me everything and hugs Aditi. They cry. Thapki asks why did she hide all this. Aditi says sorry, I had to hide this to keep mum and dad’s respect. Bihaan says now you won’t need to do this, as I will end that helplessness.

He asks Diwakar and his parents to know that they are safe as they are in this house. He drags Diwakar and Mishra out and pushes them on the road. He says now you are outside and I can’t control my hands, get lost. Diwakar says you came to my inlaws and insulting me. Bihaan lifts him in air holding his collar. They all look on. Bihaan gets angry. Krishnakant and Poonam ask Bihaan to leave Diwakar. Bihaan says see they are still saving you, they are good hearted. He drops Diwakar. Diwakar says we will go.

Bihaan says wait, and asks Thapki to give her bangles. He shouts Thapki… she says yes and gives her bangles. Bihaan asks Diwakar to wear it, else if I make you wear it, I will break your hands. Diwakar wears the bangles. The people laugh on Diwakar. Diwakar asks shall I go now. Bihaan stops him and says get makeup done, wear this chunri if you want to be safe. Diwakar wears chunri. People laugh.

Bihaan says the one who uses other’s helplessness and then when they get helpless, even Lord does not come to help them. He asks Diwakar to leave. He asks his parents do they also want such makeup. He asks them to get lost and if they come here again, they will not go on legs but in ambulance. Thapki thanks Bihaan.

Vasundara asks Kiran to write Dada ji’s name on the kite. Bau ji says dad will be glad seeing his kite. Dadi says I m glad you and Vasundara keeping his alive. Bau ji says but now I got old and can’t fly kite high. Suman says we will fly it. Dadi says no, kite should fly high and not get cut, we will give this responsibility to Thapki and Bihaan, we trust them. Vasundara says I know Thapki is smart, but Shraddha is also here, I think we should give the kite to her. Dadi says they both went to Maayka, whoever comes first will get this kite. Kiran writes Digambar Pandey on kite and shows Dadi. Vasundara calls Shraddha.

Krishnakant asks Thapki to wish everyone Makar Sankranti from their side and take care. She hugs her family. Krishnakant thanks Bihaan for helping them. Bihaan says its fine. Thapki tells Aditi that Diwakar will not trouble her now. Aditi thanks him. Thapki says we should leave soon. Bihaan asks shall I get helicopter to land in Pandey Nivaas. They leave on the bike.

Diwakar stops them on the way and holds a garland. Bihaan goes to him. Thapki worries. Bihaan asks why did you come again, do you have to die. Diwakar says no, I just realized you are my brother. I got this garland for you and makes him wear it. Bihaan asks whats this acting. Diwakar says I will explain how you are my brother, I cheated Aditi and married her, you also did the same, you cheated and married Thapki, we are brothers by our doings right.

He says Thapki is roaming with her husband on bike, but Bihaan is villain who ruined your life. He reminds her first true love Dhruv and asks did you forget Dhruv Pandey. Shraddha passes by and stops her car seeing them. Diwakar says Dhruv was excited to marry Thapki and Bihaan played game, he married you by cheat. Shraddha looks on from far. Diwakar says I feel bad for you. Bihaan gets angry and scolds him. Diwakar argues. Bihaan says see your intentions, you are comparing me with you, you married Aditi to insult her parents, I did not do this. Thapki cries. Bihaan looks at her. Bihaan scolds Diwakar and leaves with Thapki. Shraddha goes to Diwakar and asks him to join hands against Thapki. She says she will send him back to his inlaws and asks him to torture Thapki’s family. He agrees.

Vasundara calls Bihaan and asks them to get sweets. She asks Shraddha to go before Dadi comes.

Written Update By Amena


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