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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bihaan asking Thapki what are you doing with Dhruv, you both were dancing here. Dhruv says actually……. We both….. I mean…. Bihaan says Ghazab, this would be Thapki’s surprise for me, she may have got cheated by this mask, I understood when Preeti has asked me to go to storeroom, but now there will be no cheat. He removes her mask and asks Dhruv to move. He says I won’t let Thapki’s surprise fail, and asks her for a dance without any mask and cheat. She nods. They both dance on Haan hasi bangaye……………..Dhruv gets angry seeing their romantic dance and smiling faces.

At night, Thapki says I will say entire truth to Bihaan today. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv in her room. He says you came, I was waiting for you. She asks where is Bihaan. He reminds he danced with her first. She says you cheated me, I will say truth to Bihaan. He says sure, check this short video first. She sees the video. Dhruv on his show presents the story about killing humanity. He tells how Bihaan behaved with a mentally retarded guy, he is my brother but I want you all you raise voice against him to support truth and humanity. She gets shocked seeing video and says its not true. He says I made this video and Bihaan does not know, if you say my truth, I will show this video to the world, lets make a deal. Bihaan walks in there. Dhruv asks is all work over. Bihaan says yes. Dhruv says sorry, I m making you work, I was busy in imp work of exposing truth. He asks Thapki to say what she wanted to tell Bihaan.

Thapki says I wanted to say I gave Bihaaan’s sherwani order, don’t worry. Bihaan says I won’t worry if I have a wife like you. Dhruv asks them to rest and goes. Bihaan says I forgot to say something imp to Dhruv and goes after Dhruv. Thapki says I could not say truth to Bihaan, but I won’t lose and won’t let Dhruv come in between our relation.

Bihaan smiles and then his head starts bleeding. He is dresses as groom and falls down on the ground. Vasundara wakes up from the bad dream, and tells Bau ji that Bihaan is going to fall in danger, I won’t let this happen.

Its morning, Bau ji talks to Bihaan and asks him to pay extra money but get best decorations done. Bihaan messages Thapki that he loves her. Ranjhana……………plays…………. They smile. She replies me too. Dhruv looks on. Bihaan asks Thapki to reply well, and talks indirectly.

Vasundara gets pandit and says he will say fortune seeing face, I wanted him to see Bihaan and say that there will be no danger on Bihaan, so that my fear ends, I have seen bad dream. Pandit sees Bihaan’s face and says some bad sight is on him, his grah nakshatra are not right. Vasundara worries and asks him to do something, to get bad shadow away from Bihaan. Pandit says we have to make Bihaan do grah shaanti puja. Vasundara says we will do it today, you find mahurat, I will do arrangements. Thapki worries. Dhruv looks on.

Thapki gets Dhruv’s message. Dhruv comes there. She says don’t you think you are going out of limits. He says why, whats wrong if I message my feelings, how many messages will you delete, I will send messages all day, no use of this puja, I have changed his grahs. She says you are human, not try to become Lord, this puja is for Bihaan and it will happen. Vasundara asks Thapki to apply ghee on the wood, as puja can’t happen without fire. Pandit comes and lights havan kund, but sticks don’t catch fire, Dhruv recalls how he added water in the ghee. He messages Thapki that he added water in ghee, and now wet wood won’t light, there won’t be any puja without fire.

Vasundara worries and tells Bau ji that this is hurdle in puja. Thapki says there won’t be any hurdle and goes. She gets more wood and says I got more wood and kept. She gives the wood. Pandit does the puja and says puja got completed. Bihaan has to now purify house with ganagajal, go and freshen up. Bihaan freshens up. Thapki asks him to wear other kurta. Dhruv asks Bihaan not to go out, his life has danger risk. Bihaan calls his friends and asks them to manage all work. Dhruv messages I love you to Thapki. She gets shocked. Bihaan sees the phone and is about to take it.

Dhruv says you think puja will get completed, here we go, 3 2 1……. Bihaan gets hurt by a nail on the stairs. Bihaan screams. Preeti says our puja will be incomplete.

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