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Thapki Pyaar Ki 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Bihaan laughing on seeing Shraddha. He asks her did anyone throw her here or did she come here on her own. He laughs and taunts her. She asks what the hell are you doing here. He taunts her and she asks him to be quiet. He asks him to be quiet, else junk will go in her mouth. She says enough, drop me home. He says stay away, Bau ji gave me this bike, go home by walk. She says you are not doing right. He says I m leaving junk with junk, be careful, leave before evening, dogs will come. He leaves. She says please come back, how will I go home.

Bihaan comes to Thapki and says I was angry on you, my mood got happy seeing Shraddha in dumping ground. He asks her to say. She can’t talk and writes to him, that fevi kiwi got on her lips and she can’t talk now. He asks why did she not say before, I think problems love you a lot, I will check. He asks her to sit and will she not let him touch her, even he has no interest in touching her. She looks at him. He says wait and shows a knife. She gets tensed. He sharpens it, and she signs what is he doing. He asks Thapki not to move and slides knife to open her lips. She asks are you mad, does anyone do this, if my lips got cut then… you are really dumb. He says great, I made you fine and you are scolding me. They start arguing. She says that fevikwik got on my lips by mistake. He says that’s why problems’ other name is Thapki. He gets water and sees the earring there. He keeps the water glass and checks earring. He asks her what is this, and shows both earrings.

She says if you had both earrings, why did you send me to market intentionally. She says what will I hide, I got this earring after you went to market. He says you could have called me. She says how, my lips were stuck, I was unable to say. He says always you are in problem and I get punished as well. She gets sad. He says I did not mean that, I mean I was in market all day. She gets teary eyed and says its fine, I m sorry. He says I don’t want sorry, give me food. She asks him to sit, and goes to freshen up. Shraddha says thank God I m clean now, I had to bath 5 times, my day was bad today. Thapki goes to her and asks her why did she do this. Shraddha asks what did I do. Thapki says I know, you added that fevi kwik on my lips and shut me in that sack. Shraddha says what are you saying. Thapki says don’t think I m foolish if I m quiet, I can see everything, I want to know why did you do this. Shraddha denies. Thapki says who else will do such cheap thing. Shraddha scolds her and asks her to leave from Pandey Nivaas. Thapki says so you did this to make me leave, I will not go and lose to you. Thapki says if I go from here, I know Bihaan will be away from his family, I won’t let this happen, whatever you do. She asks her not to think silence has weakness.

Thapki feels sorry to hide this fact and says I know Bihaan would have scolded Shraddha, this would have made more distance between you and family, you would also know I have become maid. Dhruv comes home and sees Thapki. Shraddha sees Dhruv and Thapki staring at each other. Thapki goes to cowshed and Dhruv enters home. Shraddha says I can see Thapki’s intentions, Bihaan is just an excuse. Thapki wants to stay here to be close to Dhruv.

Diwakar taunts Aditi and says inspector gave his decision in my favor. Mishra says now this house is ours. Diwakar says the same and gets happy. he says proof has come, that’s the gift for you. He shows Diwakar Mishra name plate and asks his parents to see. He fixes it there. Krishnakant says remove this. Diwakar says no, Aditi you told me to be as per status, now you and your family do the same. He says we will sleep peacefully in our own house now.

Shraddha fumes. Dhruv comes to room. She asks him what happened. He says I m fine. She asks really. He says yes. She shows him his face in mirror and asks him to see what his eyes are saying, are you okay. He asks why are you acting this way. She says you are not with me being with me, this silence shows Thapki is something for you. He says please Shraddha… she says I m saying right, if Thapki does not matter, why are upset that she became maid. He says I m upset as she blamed Maa for wrong thing, I m upset because…

Shraddha asks what, complete the statement. He says enough Shraddha, I m upset, but by time’s game that changed the relations of this house, all wrong is happening in this house. She cries. He goes. She says I understand you, why don’t you understand me, I m your wife, I m not the one to cry and spend life to get husband’s love, I will do anything to get you, you and Thapki like to be close, now see how close I get you both.

Dhruv thinks why is Shraddha calling me in garden at this time. Bihaan gets message and says the same. They go to see the surprise by Shraddha.

Written Update By Amena


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