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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vasundara getting worried seeing the betels being served to everyone. Shraddha sees Vasundara worried. Preeti gives the sindoor betel to Thapki. Vasundara gets relieved. Shraddha notices Vasundara. Thapki is about to eat it. Bihaan asks Suman for betel. Suman says its over, I will get it. Thapki says don’t worry, Bihaan you take this. He says this is your Prasad, you have it. Thapki says I can take laddoo, you take this, he says as you wish and takes it. Dhruv comes there. Preeti gives laddoos to Thapki. Thapki thanks Preeti. Bihaan is about to eat betel and sees Dhruv. He asks Dhruv did he get betel. Vasundara gets tensed. Dhruv says you have it. Bihaan says I will take another one, don’t refuse to Prasad. Dhruv takes it and asks Bihaan to eat laddoo. Dhruv talks to Ashwin. Vasundara is stopped by guests and wants to stop Dhruv. He eats the betel. Vasundara gets shocked. Shraddha looks at her expressions.

Dhruv finds the taste bad and starts coughing. Ashwin asks Dhruv to have water. Vasundara worries. She goes to Dhruv and asks are you fine. Dhruv drinks water. She asks him to say anything. He says yes, I m fine. She thinks his voice is fine, it means he did not eat sindoor betel, where did that betel go. Shraddha comes to Vasundara and takes her. Vasundara asks what happened. Shraddha shows the sindoor betel. She says if I did not take it, Dhruv would have eaten it. she tells her how she asked Dhruv to not eat that betel. It has supari. She gives him another betel and insists. He changes the betel. Shraddha says I lied to him and took the betel, as it had sindoor. I have seen you adding sindoor, else Dhruv would have eaten it. Vasundara says I added it for Thapki.

Diwakar tells someone to make him taller like his wife. He asks what, 50000rs, its better to add heel in shoes. Aditi comes from temple and says she prayed that things get fine between them, and we have to keep Brahmachari fast to be away for 10 days. He asks what is this fast. She says its tough and very soon we will bear fruit. He says I don’t believe this. She says if you don’t keep it, you will have danger, you will die, and I will become widow. He says nothing will happen to me, I won’t keep fast. He goes. She smiles.

Shraddha says it means it was for Thapki. Vasundara says yes, she is my enemy, I don’t want her to trouble you and Dhruv. Shraddha says we can’t fall like Thapki and acts good. Vasundara says you are my bahu, I won’t let anything bad happen with you. Shraddha says I m worried for you all, I can even die for you. Vasundara says no, just promise you won’t stop me from doing anything against Thapki and support me. Shraddha says I got Dhruv by your support, I m always with you. Vasundara gets glad and says now we will see that Thapki, I will make her mute. Shraddha says I did not see Maa, but fate got a Maa for me. We are against Thapki from today. They join hands and smile.

Shraddha goes and talks to Thapki cleverly. She asks Thapki not to think she is her victory, Thapki has to read Katha well and wishes her all the best. She changes the betel. Thapki thanks her and says I will try my best. Vasundara takes the other betel and hides. Shraddha smiles. She asks her to eat Prasad betel. Thapki eats betel. Dadi asks her to read katha. Thapki gets pain in her throat. Everyone get worried. Vasundara smiles. Dadi asks what happened Thapki, read the katha. Dhruv and Bihaan look at Thapki.

Vasundara says I will tell everyone Shraddha will read katha. She says I think Thapki is unwell, so… Bihaan says no, Thapki will read katha and sits beside Thapki to support her.

Written Update By Amena


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