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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Thapki telling everything to her family. They all get shocked. Krishnakant faints. They all hold him and get worried. They get water for Krishnakant. Thapki says sorry and hugs Krishnakant. Varun scolds Bihaan and gets angry as Bihaan cheated them. Dhruv says leave him, first see uncle. The pic falls there. Thapki apologizes to Krishnakant. He says I should be sorry, I did not do my duty right. Thapki says everything got over because of my stammering. Krishnakant says those people are wrong who don’t see your heart, and just see your stammering. Vasundara looks on.

Krishnakant appears to be like at Bihaan angrily and goes to him. Krishnakant scolds Bihaan. Bau ji apologizes to Krishnakant and claims that He’ll stop this Bogus relationship soon. Krishnakant claims Indeed, this relation will crack, but now my daughter will never return in that house. He asks Dhruv how did he split Thapki’s belief and reminds what Dhruv promised them. Dhruv folds hands. Krishnakant blames Bihaan and Dhruv for cheating them. Dhruv cries.

Vasundara claims We all know its Mistaken, but marriage can’t crack like this. Krishnakant suggests but marriage just isn’t performed such as this. Bau ji states you’re suitable, Thapki can remain listed here, as she will get adore, courage and power listed here, and apologizes to her. Diwakar sees Dhruv and his household leaving upset and thinks why are they likely if its Thapki’s pagphere. Varun crushes the pic and throws it. Diwakar will get the pic and receives shocked looking at Bihaan marrying Thapki. He laughs.

Suman and Preeti notify Vasundara that she might make Thapki her bahu the moment Bihaan and Thapki’s relationship finishes. Vasundara scolds them and goes. They question what took place. Its early morning, Thapki talks to her dad and mom. She asks them to drop by temple. Krishnakant states We are going to can be found in some time. They all occur out and see Thapki’s pic with Dhruv and Bihaan. They get stunned viewing it all over the place within the lane. Diwakar does so to insult Thapki. The neighbors see the posters and gossip.

Krishnakant asks whats All of this, who did this. Diwakar tells All people to find out Thapki, she loved Dhruv and married Bihaan, begin to see the proof. Thapki cries. Bihaan gets a contact and asks what nonsense, I m coming. He leaves from home. Diwakar asks Thapki to mention. Krishnakant and everyone scold Diwakar. Bihaan will come there and sees the posters within the highway.

The neighbors blame Thapki. Krishnakant denies it. Varun defends Thapki. Diwakar speaks versus Thapki. Varun receives angry and holds his collar. Bihaan comes there and sees this. He gets offended. Thapki cries. Diwakar scolds Varun and asks Varun to determine Thapki’s deeds. Bihaan fumes looking at this. Krishnakant suggests enough now Diwakar.

Varun scolds Bihaan. Bihaan claims Thapki is my spouse, And that i m her husband, I came right here to stay with her.

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