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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th December 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Shraddha fuming that Thapki has got the ring. She cries and acts telling Vasundara that Thapki did this plan to let me down. She apologizes for letting Thapki cook. Vasundara says no, Thapki is wrong, I know her, she can do anything, don’t worry, I m with you, Thapki can’t take your place. Dadi comes and says Thapki will read the Katha. Vasundara says new bahu does that rasam. Dadi says yes, but after finishing cooking rasam, Thapki is helping Shraddha, else this rasam will be incomplete.

Vasundara says but Thapki stammers. Dadi says but her heart is good, she has great devotion, we should neglect her weakness, so Thapki will read Katha. Vasundara says as you wish. Shraddha looks on. Aditi wakes up and thinks how did her cold go away so soon. Diwakar comes and says your mum gave you some cold relief oil massage and you got fine, clean this room and now you got fine, so I decided I will sleep here in this room. He leaves. She says she has to do some permanent cure of Diwakar.

Dadi keeps the betel and laddoos for Prasad. Vasundara sees them. Vasundara gets a betel and says she won’t let Thapki do injustice with Shraddha, she acts to be good, I will end her weakness, I will mute her voice, I will mix sindoor in this betel, then Thapki will lose her voice. Thapki comes and asks why is she doing this, why is she working alone, and offers help. Vasundara sends Thapki, and says I will make Shraddha read Katha.

Thapki tries practicing reading Katha, while Bihaan is calculating. He gets disturbed and asks her to keep quiet, he learnt the line while hearing her. She says she was practicing. He asks her to go out. She says I can’t do mistake, I m not worried for her respect, but for family, all neighbors will come, I don’t want anyone to point finger to our family. He says I will break their hands. You read, I will go out.

Vasundara takes the files from Bihaan and asks him to go and get sindoor box. Dadi sees Thapki practicing. Kiran says I think you told sindoor is necessary for attending sindoor puja, but Thapki does not apply sindoor, how will she read Katha. Bihaan gets sindoor and collides with the railing wall. The sindoor falls over Thapki who is standing on the ground floor. Dadi and Kiran smile seeing this. Mangala………….plays…….. Bihaan and Thapki get shocked. Thapki touches the sindoor and looks at Thapki standing upstairs. Bihaan says I slipped. Dadi tells Kiran to see the answer. Mata Rani also wants Thapki to do this puja. Bihaan comes there and keeps sindoor. He sees Dadi and Kiran smiling and ask what happened. Kiran says we are smiling seeing you, you look very handsome today. He says amazing and goes…

Thapki says I will clean this. Dadi says I will clean it, and leaves sindoor in her maang. Dhruv comes there and sees Thapki with sindoor. He gets annoyed. Vasundara asks everyone to come. Dadi asks Dhruv to call Shraddha. Dhruv asks Shraddha to come, they will do puja together. Bihaan says Shraddha is such drama queen. Thapki says I m seeing Dhruv, I will pray for him, that Shraddha does not hurt his heart. Bihaan sees sindoor in her maang and shows her. She gets stunned.

Everyone does puja together. Vasundara keeps special betel for Thapki and says she will give everyone. Dhruv gets call and goes. Suman takes plate and goes to give Prasad. Vasundara worries.

Bihaan asks Dhruv to take betel, its Prasad. Dhruv eats the betel. Vasundara gets shocked as its sindoor betel.

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