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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki getting shocked seeing the thieves stealing jewelry in Vasundara’s room. She runs from there. She stops near the temple and says no, I can’t be scared and run away like this, I have to stop the thieves anyhow, its my home too, Lord help me. She thinks to call police and realizes she left phone in cowshed. She rushes to call from landline and the candle stand falls. The thieves hear this sound. The man says if anyone is here, he can’t go alive, come. Thapki hides in the temple, seeing them coming downstairs. The thieves look for her and does not get anyone. The thief says maybe it was a cat. The chief thief says it can be someone, put these items in bag, I will get remaining things, then we will check other bedrooms. The chief thief goes upstairs. She thinks to do something, else they will steal everything. She gets the keys in temple.

Bihaan and family enjoy outdoors. They all have a talk about playing. Bihaan says we will play later, we will have gola first. They all go there. Bihaan asks the man to make gola for everyone. Bihaan thinks he can’t let anyone go till theft drama happens. Dhruv tells Vasundara that he is tired, he wants to go home and rest. Vasundara asks him to go. Bihaan thinks to stop Dhruv. Shraddha tells Vasundara that Thapki is alone at home, stop Dhruv. Vasundara and Shraddha ask Dhruv to just sit and relax, if he does not want to play. They all have golas. Preeti tells Ashwin that they will have same gola, it increases love. Shraddha hears this and asks Bihaan not to make gola for her, she will share it with Dhruv.

She tastes the gola and asks Dhruv to try it. Dhruv says I have cold, I can’t have it. He goes. A man gives photos to Diwakar. Diwakar thanks him and gives him 10rs as gift. Diwakar checks his photos and says I will overshadow SRK and Salman, I will send my photos to ad agency, then none can stop me from becoming superstar.

Thapki sees the thief and thinks to lock him here, and then lock other thieves, so that she can call police easily. She fails to lock the door. The thief says its Pandey Nivaas or horror house, sounds keep coming. She thinks they will see me, I have to think something else. She goes to locks all the rooms. She says I have atleast locked two rooms, but that thief is in Maa’s room, how to stop him. The thieves steal antiques too and argue over the items. Thapki hides and sees them gone. She checks the bags and keeps the antique piece in other bag to make them fight over it. She then hides.

The two thieves check the bags and fight for that piece. They get angry and are about to stab each other. The chief stops them and says we came to do robbery, not fight, put all the items here, and I will decide the share. The chief thinks how can this happen. He say the rooms were open when we came here, how did it get shut, it means there is someone else here. Thapki calls police station and says I m speaking from Pandey Nivaas. The chief cuts the phone and says if anyone is at home, he will try to call police, lets see who is that person. Thapki checks phone and thinks how to call police now. She sees thieves and hides again. They lock the main door and she gets worried. The chief shouts who are you, come infront of us, else it won’t be good. He counts till 3…. Thapki gets tensed. He asks the thieves to find that person and kill. She panics and cries. She hides and her hiccups start. The chief hears that and looks for her.

The chief aims gun at Thapki. She locks herself inside the room and cries. They break inside the kitchen door and say they will kill her. They keep knife at her neck.

Written Update By Amena


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