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Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Bau ji feeding Gulabo with aam papad. Bihaan looks on and smiles. He says you see Thapki, I will make everything like before. Thapki says I just want to be away from everyone, but I felt glad that Bau ji came here. She prays. Bihaan does shaving. He says I forgot the plate. She looks at him. He asks what are you seeing, I m Bihaan, not any Bhoot, I forgot the razor. He takes knife to shave. She asks are you mad, its very sharp, leave it, your cheek will get cut. He says I m tiger, this is just toy for me, I m not afraid. His cheek gets cut and he screams. She asks what happened and sees the blood. She asks what happened tiger, shave more. He says it got cut and you are taunting.

She asks him to sit, and applies antiseptic cream. He refuses and she scolds him. He looks at her. Na na na na …………..plays…… She applies cream and he screams…. She says when you applied cream to me, you told great words. He says I never applied that’s why. She asks why do you do these things then. She sees the time and worries. She says I got late for work. He asks what. She says I mean I have work here, and asks him to get one earring, by hiding one. He says wear anything else. She says no, Aditi gave me, please get it. She gives him earring and sends him. He leaves. She says sorry, I had to send you like this, else how would I go for work. She rushes to change and leave.

Diwakar makes constable have bhaang. Constable says bad things to inspector. Diwakar tells inspector that Aditi made him have bhaang and taught him all those lines, I can’t prove anything else. Inspector asks Krishnakant did they give him bhaang, this is last warning now. He asks Mishra to stay here. Shraddha tells Dhruv that her pic will be there in his wallet, she will be always there with him. Thapki sweeps the floor. Dhruv comes out and sees her. He gets teary eyed seeing her working as maid. He says I did not imagine seeing you like this, you were mistaken. She says no, I blamed Maa right, I still believe the same that Maa wanted to prove me wrong. He says I felt you realized your mistake, but you did not. His wallet falls near junk. Thapki picks it and gives him. Shraddha looks on. Shraddha’s pic falls near the junk. Dhruv goes. Shraddha scolds Thapki and asks her to go and do work.

She sees the junk there and fumes seeing her pic. She says how dare Thapki throw my pic in junk, now see I will dump your leftover respect.

Shraddha asks Thapki to grind the wheat. Thapki says its much in quantity. Shraddha says you have to do this else leave from here. Vasundara looks on and smiles. Thapki says I will try. Shraddha says don’t waste time, start. Vasundara says Thapki will leave work now. She goes. Shraddha says this is just an excuse, my real plan is something else, Suman has pity for Thapki, and now that will be proved bad for Thapki, Suman here I come to use you.

Thapki grinds the wheat in traditional stone grinder. Shraddha asks Preeti what is she making. Preeti asks for Thapki, they are cooking even when they have maid. Shraddha says you work today, Vasundara gave tough work to Thapki, she ordered Thapki to grind wheat traditional way. Preeti says now Thapki will know. Suman feels bad. Shraddha says Thapki’s state is bad, this work needs energy, Thapki did not have breakfast, she has no benefits like a bahu gets in this house. She says I got milk glass, but I had to go to market. She keeps the milk glass there and asks Suman to have it, else it will go waste. She goes. Suman thinks to give the milk to Thapki. Shraddha looks on and smiles, saying sorry idiot Bhabhi, give this milk to Thapki, in which I added sleeping tablets, Thapki will sleep having this and I will do my work, if Thapki wakes up, the fevikwik I applied on glass will do my work, Thapki will not have any doubt.

Dhaani falls on the temple stairs. Bihaan goes to her rescue. Dhaani thanks him. Thapki hides seeing him. Dhaani says I read your eyes Thapki, you are hiding from Bihaan, who is Bihaan.

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