Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th October 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhruv telling Dadi that he will make everything fine and asks her not to talk about death. Dadi says she won’t say it again as her Dhruv and eldest son returned home. He makes her rest and says he will be back in sometime. He stops Shraddha and tells her that he thought she will change for better and will not do anything wrong, but….I don’t believe this. You are even now with Kosi. Shraddha asks her not to dare teach her. She says you don’t have any right on me now. She says Kosi is far better than you and have saved me. She says she gave me power, strength, home etc. She laughs at him and says Shraddha is not weak. Thapki hears them. Shraddha says it was good that we are divorced now, now we have no relation with each other. She says I don’t want to see your face, but now I have to bear you as you came here uninvited. Dhruv hears her silently.

Thapki comes to him and says I am so sorry. You came here for me and …..Dhruv says it is okay. Shraddha is not wrong either. He says I never gave her rights and ran away from here like a coward. Thapki says you said that you will not come here. Dhruv says what you would have done seeing Aditi. Thapki says I got emotional and was about to hug her. Dhruv says I didn’t come so that you don’t ruin our hardwork. She thanks him and says I got so much strength. Now I am sure that Bihaan can’t bring my truth. She says I won’t let my truth known to anyone, before I take my revenge. Dhruv says good. Now we have to separate Bihaan and Kosi. Thapki says it is our motive now. Bihaan prays to God and says this is my prayer and promise, both…I will bring out Vani’s truth. She will become Thapki again tomorrow.

Thapki brings coffee for Aditi. Aditi thanks her. Thapki asks who is in her family? Aditi says mummy, papa, and two brothers. Thapki asks don’t you have any sister? Aditi says I have no sister. Thapki says you can call me your sister if you want. Aditi says I hate this word. She asks her not to call her sister. She tells that she had a sister who was married to Bihaan. She tells that her parents went in shock after her sister left, and tells that Bihaan have taken care of them. She asks her not to talk about her sister again and goes inside. Thapki cries hearing that.

Dhruv comes there and consoles her. He asks her not to cry and have strength. Thapki says my parents have suffered a lot because of me and tells that she will returned Bihaan’s money. Dhruv says you will not do this. Thapki asks why? Dhruv reminds her about the revenge. Thapki says what is the use of money which I earned all these years. Dhruv says Aditi will not take your money and tells that he will take care of her. Thaoki says she will concentrate on her mission.

Bihaan brings God’s idol for the navratri function. Dhruv asks Thapki, what happened? Thapki asks where is Dadi? If she will not come? Dhruv looks on. Thapki stops them and asks where is your family members. Sankara asks who are you to stop us? And says you are a guest here, so attend it silently. Thapki says I will not attend this puja and agains threatens to cancel the deal. Kosi comes and asks what you are saying? She says this Sankara is mad. She doesn’t know what is our customs. Shraddha brings Dadi. She tells that puja happens with elders and that’s why we brought Dadi here. Kosi asks her to come.

Pandit ji begins doing the aarti while bhajan is played. Dadi starts doing the aarti and thinks after two years all family members are doing puja together. Sankara holds Bihaan’s hand and does puja. Thapki is affected, and jealous. Dhruv senses her displeasure. Thapki goes far. Dhruv goes to her and tells her that she did a big work today. Thapki asks him to get house papers from Kosi. Bihaan thinks now I am sure that you are my Thapki and I will prove this very soon.

Shraddha tells Kosi to loot Thapki as soon as possible. Kosi says Sankara is wrong. Why did she scold Vani. Shraddha says Vani again talked like Thapki. Vani asks her not to talk about that inauspicious woman and asks her to be wise about Vani. Dhruv comes to Shraddha and says sorry. Shraddha asks if everything will be fine with sorry, and says you have to do so much hardwork to make everyone fine. Dhruv tries to hold her hand and says I will do everything, afterall you are special. Shraddha asks him to do something special for her today, then she will think to forgive her. She then tells you will not do anything Dhruv. Dhruv says I promise you. She goes. He thinks I never thought that I have to do this for Shraddha. I have to do this to bring house peace, and I will do anything.

Bihaan looks at Thapki’s pic and tells that he will make her say tongue twister liner Chandu Ke Chacha Ne….to bring out her truth. Thapki hears him. 

Written Update by H Hasan

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