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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th November 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

Preeti crying and telling Suman about someone throwing gold coins to make her lock in cupboard. Suman says Shraddha has done this so easily and no one had doubt. Thapki hears this and is shocked. Thapki goes to room and thinks did Shraddha do this, she has to find out. Bihaan wakes up. He sees her awake and thinks whats happening. He calls her out and she is lost. He checks is she sleeping and she argues. Thapki asks why did he wake up. He asks how will he sleep if she keeps lights on. She switches off the lights and falls over him. They have an eyelock. Bihaan asks her to move away, and sleep.

Its morning, Vasundara asks Suman and Preeti to clean the home. They see Shraddha managing the household work and making servants clean the house. Shraddha greets Vasundara and says she is doing this for Diwali preparations, she gave the order to agency, the workers will clean well. Bihaan comes and says you are very smart, but you should have asked someone before doing this. They don’t take outsiders’ help for their work. Shraddha says sorry, but I thought.. Vasundara says its fine. Bihaan jokes on Shraddha. Suman and Preeti are annoyed. Shraddha says we will celebrate Diwali well. Suman asks Preeti to be careful. Preeti says this time its Shraddha’s turn. Shraddha says she has special gift for Dadi, and takes them to show the rangoli. Vasundara gets glad seeing it and says its beautiful, did you make it. Shraddha says yes, for Dadi. Dadi says you gave me a beautiful gift, I liked it. Vasundara says you gifted this to all of us. The goat comes there and rangoli gets spoiled. The servant takes the goat. Dadi asks Shraddha to fix the rangoli. Shraddha says colors got over, I can’t fix it.

Poonam does Diwakar and Aditi’s aarti. Diwakar thinks he will ruin them. Thapki makes the rangoli good by simple things. Everyone get glad seeing Thapki using haldi, daal, rice and flour. Dadi praises Thapki for being so smart. Shraddha gets angry. Thapki says Shraddha made this rangoli, I just made it fine. Bihaan leaves.

Vasundara asks Shraddha to own foodstuff with them. Shraddha will make justification that her dad is waiting around and leaves. Thapki comes to space. Bihaan gives her a coconut and asks her to break it on his head. He says show me your fact, you’re diverse within and outside.

He claims you’ve insulted Shraddha these days. She claims I helped her. He states you can deal with rangoli immediately after she went, however, you made her shed. She states I did not Believe so. He suggests I m apprehensive in your case, Shraddha can harm you like she did to Suman and Preeti, I came to elucidate you, leave it. He goes. She recalls his phrases and states if Shraddha really feels I helped her to insult, she will take revenge from me also. Then her reality will likely be out, I will see whats the truth.

Shraddha asks Thapki for ghee from storeroom and says she will get it herself. Thapki says I will get ghee from store room.

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