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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th December 2015 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Shraddha saying she has made Thapki fall in Vasundara’s eyes. She goes and sits like a bride. Dhruv comes to his room. Dhruv recalls his promise and asks Shraddha to sleep as she is tired. He turns away and sleeps. Its morning, Shraddha greets everyone. Vasundara asks Shraddha to cook food today as per the ritual. Dadi praises the kheer Thapki made in first rasoi rasam. Vasundara says see how Shraddha cooks, she will make better. Shraddha says yes, I will try by heart. Vasundara and Dadi leave.

Shraddha tries to make puri and does not do it well. She gives money to the maid and asks her to cook food, then lie to everyone that Shraddha made food. Thapki takes the money and stops Shraddha. She sends the maid and asks Shraddha to cook food to fulfill rasam. She says I will help you. Shraddha refuses to take her help. Shraddha scolds her for acting and then telling everyone that I don’t know cooking. Thapki says there is no use to tell truth now. Shraddha says I know you hate me. Thapki says I don’t hate you, I have problem with your bad intentions, I could not bring your truth out, but other truth is you are Dhruv’s wife now, don’t hurt anyone. Shraddha thinks to take her help and get name. Thapki cooks.

Vasundara praises Shraddha infront of everyone and says she will make food better than everyone, keep nek ready. Dadi says we have to do puja too and tells everyone about sindoor applied to idol and then all suhagan apply the sindoor. She asks for Prasad beetel leaves and laddoos.

Shraddha and Thapki bring the food. Preeti praises the food made by Thapki. Dadi says lets see the taste. Dadi likes the food. Shraddha smiles. They all like the food. Vasundara asks Dhruv how did he like food made by Shraddha. Dhruv eats food and looks at Thapki. Dhruv says you know, I don’t lie, its same food like Thapki makes. Vasundara gets shocked. Bihaan says yes, even spices are same, I think Thapki made this food.

Vasundara praises Shraddha and gives her a diamond ring as Nek. Suman and Preeti stare at the ring. Shraddha thanks Vasundara. Dadi asks Shraddha about garam masala. Shraddha says she has heated the spice and added in it. They all smile. Vasundara says garam masala is not heated before adding. Preeti asks Shraddha did she cook the food. Shraddha says yes, I made all the food. Suman asks why is she tensed, Vasundara says those who stammer, their heart has a thief.

Shraddha says you all are right, I did not make this food, I don’t know cooking. Thapki made the food. Dadi says don’t worry. Thapki will teach you, as she is Sarvagunn samparn, she makes good food and also keeps relations, she would have made fun of your weakness but she did not do this, she supported you and covered your weakness. She says you did complete rasam, so Thapki deserves this ring. Thapki says no. Dadi asks her to keep it and gives the ring.

Vasundara adds sindoor in betel to make Thapki lose her voice. Thapki comes and asks why are you doing this.

Written Update By Amena


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