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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki stumbling. Bihaan runs to hold her. He holds her. He says Thapki, you won’t go alone, I will come with you. Bau ji stops Bihaan and asks are you mad to leave all of us for her, you know what she did. He says yes, there is proof against her too, but I can’t believe Thapki can do this. Shraddha says you still can’t see her mistake, she has blamed mummy ji as thief, you have seen everything. He says I have seen a lot, moon always follows me and its over the head, likewise whats seen and heard is not always true. Sanjay and Ashwin ask him not to become mad. Bihaan says Thapki did a lot for this family. Suman says we have proof to kick her out, why are you supporting her, what proof you have. Bihaan says I have proof, these eyes, Bau ji says eyes are mirrors, see her eyes, you won’t see anything than love for this family, she has innocence like kids, I have to become kid to see it. Suman asks when did you become kid. Bihaan says I m kid since I came in this house, the kid whom Bau ji got from a road, explained me right and wrong, truth and lies difference, he taught me to read human faces, I can read Thapki’s face and say she is not wrong.

Suman asks Vasundara to see Bihaan’s change, all this is because of Thapki, she has poisoned his heart against us. Preeti says she is breaking our house. Bihaan says if you want to save this house, keep eyes open, termites are somewhere and everyone is putting medicine somewhere else. Dadi asks what are you saying Bihaan, come here. Vasundara says let him go, you want to go right, wait a min.

Aditi scolds Diwakar and asks why did you keep kerosene in my parents’ house. Diwakar and his parents blame Diwakar asking will they burn Diwakar. Aditi says you want to get burnt, fine, I will make your wish true. She puts kerosene on Diwakar. He screams and his parents ask her to stop, she will go to jail. Aditi says let anything happen, atleast my parents will get free of this creep. She gets matchstick and asks his parents to get away, else she will burn them too. She lights the matchstick. Diwakar screams and says you are going mad. He runs out and asks constable to save him, Aditi has gone mad, she is burning me. Constable asks how can she burn you, come. Aditi says he is lying, I was lighting diya and he is blaming me. Mishra says she has put kerosene oil, check. Constable asks is this true.

Vasundara brings Bihaan’s bag and asks him to go, no one will stop him. Bau ji asks what are you saying. Dadi says Bihaan is son of this house. Vasundara shouts Bihaan is not son of this house, he forgot the relations with this family, he does not remember we have raised him, he can see honesty in Thapki’s eyes, he does not see pain in our eyes, so let him go. She asks Bihaan to go, moon follows us, its delusion what we feel, but when family stands with us, its truth of life.

Bihaan says I broke your heart for the first time. I m ready to bear punishment, trust me, truth will be out soon, I don’t have any proof now, but my mind is adamant that I have to support Thapki. He cries and says I m B for Bihaan, not B for Bhagwan, Bhagwan knows I m right, Thapki is true and Lord will bring truth out. He folds her and asks her to allow him to go. Thapki cries. Bihaan takes the bags, and holds Thapki’s hand. He asks her to come and they leave. Thapki cries holding the family pic. Shraddha thinks Thapki was kicked out and Bihaan is going out for free. She smiles. Dhruv gets teary eyed. Suman says see, this girl went and took this house’s son too..

Aditi says you will know the truth and lights matchstick. Diwakar prays. Aditi puts the matchstick and nothing happens to him. He gets glad and says I m not dead, congrats. Aditi says see, I did not put any kerosene oil, else he would have been burnt, it was his plan to make us wrong infront of you, now you know who is true and who is liar. Constable scolds Diwakar and says be in limits, else I will call inspector to get you arrested. Diwakar nods. Aditi asks Diwakar how did fire did not catch, I kept eye on you and saw you keeping the box, I changed the oil with water. She scolds him.

Thapki asks Bihaan why did he do this. Bihaan says I supported you and left home, and you are calling me wrong. She says they did not kick me out, I left home by taking the blame, you came with me. And now they are blaming me that I took away their son. He gets shocked.

He says oh, so I got the truth out now, I knew you can’t do this big thing, now tell me, what reason you got to do this great work. She asks whats there to know reason now, the family misunderstands me, and I made them hate me more, so that I leave house easily, I had to leave from here any way, you showed trust on me and supported me, thanks, but I don’t want your support, I want their happiness, go back, and let me go alone. He stops her and says no, I supported you to prove you right, if you go, I will be proved wrong too, which I don’t like, I have to tell them to see what I said is right, Thapki is not wrong. He says fine, do as you want, but don’t come after me, I m going alone. He runs and locks the gate. She asks why is he locking gate, what is this. He says I don’t let you go anywhere from here and shows the keys. He says till the misunderstanding gets cleared, till I m proved right. She asks are you mad, you know I kicked out of this house. He says you are out, but not go more away, you will be staying here with me till things get fine, then I will drop you on my motorbike, its about my respect and tongue now.

Thapki says you can’t stop me, I m going to my parents house. He says fine, I will come and do drama there. She says do anything, I will not try to win anyone’s heart.

Written Update By Amena


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