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Tere Sheher Mein 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Rama getting lift and bringing Amaya to hospital. The lady asks him to deposit 10000rs first. He says I don’t have cash right now and she still insists. He scolds the staff and asks them to treat Amaya. Kangana comes there. Rama asks what is she doing here. She says she was looking for them everywhere. She gives him money and he thanks her. She thinks to inform Sumitra and hides her hand. Rama thanks driver and asks him to take money. The man says I did this for humanity, I can’t accept. Rama insists. The driver says I don’t need this. Rama still gives him money.

Rama meets doctor. The doctor says you got her on time, she could have slipped in coma, it was severe infection, we will monitor her and discharge tomorrow. Rama thanks him. Amaya looks on. The driver greets Amaya and says I helped for humanity sake and Rama gave me 5000rs, I can’t accept this, your husband has saved your life, he could have come under tempo and took big risk to save your life, you are very lucky to get a loving and caring husband. Rama comes and asks driver to accept money. The driver blesses them and leaves. Amaya says I know you saved my life, but if anything happened to you… He says if anything happened to you.. you are my wife and responsibility, I married you and gave promise to protect you, its my duty being your husband, I will always do my duty.

Its morning, Amaya gets fine. The nurse says she can go home. Sumitra and Bua scold her for taking Rama with her. Amaya says she took Rama for shopping, as he has group discussion got govt job. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Bua says why will Rama do govt job, he is businessman. Sumitra thinks Rama has to manage shop,till when will Gupta manage shop alone. She asks Amaya not to do this again. Rama comes and defends Amaya. He says she wants me to become a successful man, its imp for me to pass govt job. He says don’t interfere in our matter, she needs rest, don’t taunt her now. Amaya looks at him.

Bua says Amaya made Rama on her side. Rama says I will make discharge papers and goes. Amaya cries. Kangana helps Amaya. Amaya says I want to thank the doctor. Kangana takes her. The men whom Kangana has beaten up.. see Kangana in different getup. Amaya thanks doctor. Kangana goes to buy medical and makes Amaya sit there. Amaya hears them talking about Kangana and asks them do they know that girl. The man says she has beaten us badly, she was in modern dress, and drunk. Amaya says that was Kangana’s twin sister Kanika. The man tells about hurting the girl’s hand by their knife. Rama comes there and asks Amaya to come.

Kangana gets ointments and asks Amaya to wait, she can get rickshaw. Amaya sees Kangana’s hand damage and thinks to speak to that undesirable guys. She can make excuse and goes back again to talk to the men. She asks do they remember the rest about that Female. The person suggests Of course, this fell from her purse when she was beating us. Amaya remembers the bracelet she gifted Kangana. She thinks is Kangana definitely Kanika or is this any coincidence.

Kangana can take care of Amaya at your house and makes her rest. She asks amaya to phone her if she requirements just about anything. Amaya thinks are definitely the twins, then how did that wound arrive on Kangana’s hand, I don’t fully grasp, I’ll check with Sumitra. She stops and claims Sumitra generally normally takes Kangana’s facet, I will get to to The underside of this make any difference. She says are they distinctive or similar particular person, I’ve to discover. Rama comes and asks her to take rest. She asks him about his GD. He claims he received’t go leaving her. She promises she’ll choose rest and asks him to go. She thinks its not superior to inform Rama, she has to solve this key herself.

Rama is nervous for that GD. Amaya boosts self-confidence in Rama and desires him all the top. She claims I’m sure you’ll do well. He smiles.

Written Update By Sahir


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